High Cheekbones vs Low Cheekbones: The Major Difference

While-reading title the first question which must have come up in your mind is: What type of Cheekbone do I have? Let’s locate that first.

Finding My Cheekbones!

finding my cheekbones

To understand your cheekbone structure, if the cheekbone is right below your eyes with close proximity you have a high cheekbone. While your cheekbone, if close to the bottom of your nose bridge you have a Low Cheekbone.

Does High or Low Cheekbone: Make you more beautiful?

Does High or Low Cheekbone: Make you more beautiful?

Beauty is subjective and any standard being considered is unfair, as the world has different major ethnic and sub-groups with different Cheekbone structures. When the majority of cases surpass the minority then obviously in most cases High cheekbones are considered as best. For eg., Actors and famous politicians have high cheekbones so people are attracted to it and people wish to get high cheekbones by doing make-up as they want a similar look.

But, it’s not the case that people with low cheekbones are less attractive. It’s all about the ongoing fashion. Where contouring is important to fashion currently, to get high and prominent cheekbones. Which was not the case a decade before. 

You can choose to beautify your cheekbone low or high as per choice with contouring or no contouring.

Get Fake High Cheekbones!

Get Fake High Cheekbones!

There are Multiple Ways you can get High Cheekbones. Read along to pick the tricks and get yourself cheekbone like models of a fashion magazine. 

Concealing: Concealer should be applied to your outer face lines, temples, near to hairline, cheekbones, and nose to lift the look and structure of the face. 
Highlighting: Highlighting is done on the T-Zone, circles of the eye area, chin, and jawline for the dewy look. This helps others to focus on the contours being applied.
Blush: Applying blush, adds shine and it makes the face feature to elevate naturally without much effort.
Bronzer: Apply bronzer to your temples and nose bridge to give a warm and some depth to the face. Thus, helps your cheekbones to look high.