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Garden pipe orange 5 meter with gun
Garden pipe orange 5 meter with gun
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Garden pipe orange 5 meter with gun
    Garden pipe orange 5 meter with gun


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    Name : Garden pipe orange 5 meter with gun

    Material : Plastic

    Type : Water Pipe

    Product Breadth : 15 Cm

    Product Height : 10 Cm

    Product Length : 5 Cm

    Net Quantity (N) : Pack Of 1

    Name : 5 MTR Length Water hose Hose & 8 Mode Spray Gun (Orange Hose) Garden And Car Wash Water Hose Pipe with 8 Mode Spray Gun & Accessories For Garden/Car Washing/bike wash/pet bath

    Material : Others

    Number Of Sprayer : 1

    Product Breadth : 10 Cm

    Product Height : 10 Cm

    Product Length : 10 Cm

    Net Quantity (N) : Pack Of 1

    In this Package Contains :  


    * 5 MTR Length Water Hose

    * Adaptor And Clamps

    * 1 Spray Gun


    With Several ways to spray, you'll always have the jet pressure you need with this

    nozzle : Flat: for gentle watering of flowers, plants & shrubs

    Angle : perfect for targeted rinsing

    Shower : recommended setting for washing your pets Center: targeted spraying for selective watering

    Mist : ideal for watering large areas

    Rinse : quickly & thoroughly rinses soapy suds away

    Cone : perfect for rinsing soap from vehicles

    Soaker : powerfully fills buckets & watering cans

    Jet : reaches long distances for lawn watering

    Usage : This PVC hose is used extensively in domestic,

    agricultural and industrial applications - gardening, water pumps, washing cars & pets, crop spraying, and many more.

    It used to transport water for gardening, lawn care, and other landscaping purposes.

    They are also used for outdoor cleaning of items such as vehicles, equipment, building exteriors.

    Ergonomic leakproof design for hassle free watering : Being compact and lightweight,

    the high pressure garden hose nozzle


    Country of Origin : India

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