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HE_0328 Silicone Scrubber
HE_0328 Silicone Scrubber
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HE_0328 Silicone Scrubber
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    HE_0328 Silicone Scrubber


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    Name : HE_0328 Silicone Scrubber

    Material : Plastic

    Type : Scrub

    Product Breadth : 12 Cm

    Product Height : 12 Cm

    Product Length : 19 Cm

    Net Quantity (N) : Pack Of 3

    SILICONE MATERIAL : A silicone bath brush is more effective than using your hand,a washcloth,or a bristle brush to cleanse your skin.Silicone is a soft and safe material that can help exfoliate your skin.Rubbing the bristles into your skin stimulates blood circulation and can reduce cellulite in problem areas.


    NOT IRRITATING SKIN : Get the best body scrub brush for smooth and soft skin.Our silicone body brush is double sided,so you can use one side for a daily gentle scrub and the other for cellulite reduction.The long gentle bristles create the perfect lather.The soft side is especially great for sensitive skin,even babies’ skin.You can even use this brush for a body or scalp massage.

    IMPROVES CIRCULATION : Use the body brush in the shower for a good lather,or try brushing your skin when it’s dry.Dry brushing sheds dead skin cells and encourages new cell renewal.It also improves vascular blood circulation,helps evenly distribute fat deposits, and helps your skin release metabolic waste and toxins.


    EASY TO CLEAN : Silicone is super easy to clean when it gets dirty and limits bacteria.It is strong enough that it can even be boiled clean,making this the most hygienic bath brush on the market.Replace your bath brush with a better one! You can also use this as a dish scrubber in your kitchen.


    Country of Origin : India

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