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SKU: 1343_hair_curling_iron
SKU: 1343_hair_curling_iron
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SKU: 1343_hair_curling_iron
    SKU: 1343_hair_curling_iron


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    Name : SKU: 1343_hair_curling_iron

    Product Name : SKU: 1343_hair_curling_iron

    Brand Name : Others

    Color : Black

    Ideal For : Unisex

    Type : Wired

    Straightening Type : Temporary

    Net Quantity (N) : 1

    Professional Hair Curling Iron (Black)

    - 2-Position Switch : ON/OFF

    - Built-in-Stand

    - Safety Pilot Light

    - No tanggle swivel cord

    - Slip-proof grip

    Hair curler operating instructions before use. Before plugging in check that the voltage matches that shown on the rating label.

    Pre-heat your curling tong - rest the tong on its safety stand on a smooth flat surface. Section hair into strands of approximately one inch thick and two inches wide. Taking one section at a time place the ends of the hair over the barrel with the clip open. Close the clamp and holding the safety clips with the other hand, roll the hair. Keep the sections of hair taut as you wind it around the hot barrel. Roll the curl as far as you wish, avoid touching the scalp with the hot barrel, as this can cause burning. Hold curl in place for approximately 20 seconds for light curls or just waves. To release curl wind about half a turn, push down on clamp, release lever. Gently withdraw barrel from the centre of the curl. When all curls have completely cooled your hair is now ready to be styled.

    Get playful with fun curls with Hair Curler. Easy and hassle free to use, the curler has chrome plates with ceramic coating. You can create free flowing curls by just wrapping your hair around the barrel and tightly holding it with the clamp. It also has 360° swivel cord that rotates conveniently and prevents unne

    Country of Origin : India

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