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Unique Aquarium Cleaners
Unique Aquarium Cleaners
Unique Aquarium Cleaners
Unique Aquarium Cleaners
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Unique Aquarium Cleaners
    Unique Aquarium Cleaners


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    Name : Unique Aquarium Cleaners

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    Biofit Aqua Culture is a microbial consortium of probiotics bacteria that helps to create a healthy environment in ponds. It rapidly degrades excess and waste organic matter like sediments, excreta and chitinous material in the pond and improves the water quality. Consumption of this probiotic culture creates a healthy gut flora in fish, shrimp, prawns and crab. It also supresses the growth of undesirable microbes and keeps the pond water clean. Biofit Aqua Culture helps to Produce a large amount of digestive enzymes to degrade the sludge build-up effectively and improve the performance and survivability of fish, shrimp, prawns and crab. Resolve the turbidity problem in the pond and helps to make the pond hygienic for better productivity. Remove existing algae and prevents new growth, and reduces the noxious odour caused by algae, fish waste and leaves. It contains highly concentrated non-pathogenic, salt resistant, naturally occurring beneficial consortium of probiotic culture.Composition The probiotic consortium includes Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus coagulans, Bacillus licheniformis, Bacillus megaterium. Usage 1 litre of Biofit Aqua Culture per acre of aquaculture pond. Application every 10-15 days.

    Country of Origin : India

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