17 Mind Blowing Kurti Neck Designs To Watch Out in 2020

No other outfit combines simplicity, comfort, and elegance like a Kurti. Whatever the occasion, you can create a charming ensemble by pairing a simple Kurti with the right accessories For those of us who are on a budget, Kurtis can be cost-effective and trendy at the same time. No wonder they can be found in any Indian woman’s wardrobe. However, with so many options to choose from, we often struggle to pick out the most flattering neck designs or the right styles or fabrics for our Kurtis.

To help you narrow down your choices, we have created a list of 17 most trending latest Kurti neck designs along with suggestions on which neck designs work for different body types and face shapes.

Kurti Neck Designs

1. Round Neck Design

Round neck kurtiRound neck kurti

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One of the most popular choices for Kurti neck designs, the round neckline can be a great option for an everyday look. It is also universally flattering and extremely versatile. Often paired with a colorful dupatta or stole, a round neck Kurti can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. In the movie ‘Two States’, Alia Bhatt pulled off this neckline with remarkable ease and grace.

  • Ideal for: A round neck is flattering for all face shapes and body types, which explains its popularity among Indian women.
  • Kurti Design: Straight, tail cut, high-low
  • Best fabrics: Cotton, silk, chiffon, georgette
  • Paired with: Salwars, churidars, leggings
  • Footwear: Traditional bellies, flat sandals
  • Accessories: Colourful georgette dupattas, metallic bangles, danglers or hoops


2. Scoop Neck Design

Scoop Neck Kurti Design

Image credit: Instagram

Although quite similar to the round neck design, a scoop neckline is wider and deeper which helps accentuate your collar bone and creates the illusion of a leaner silhouette. In the picture below, Priyanka Chopra can be seen wearing an Anarkali style Kurti in a muted pink shade giving off the perfect aura of elegance.

  • Ideal for: Depending on the width of the scoop, it can make you look taller which is boon for women with short stature. It is especially flattering for round and oblong face shapes.
  • Kurti Designs: Anarkali style kurtis, patiyala style short kurtis.
  • Best fabrics: For Anarkali style Kurtis with a scoop neckline, chiffon georgette and crepe work well. If the length of the Kurti is short, it’s best to opt for cotton or chiffon fabrics.
  • Paired with: Leggings, stitched churidars or palazzos
  • Footwear: Stilettos, Belly shoes, Kolhapuris
  • Accessories: Ethnic clutches, matching dupattas, hoop earring


3. Boat neck design

Boat neck kurti

Boat neck kurti

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Also known as the princess neckline, the boat-shaped neckline sits closer to your neck than a round neckline and runs straight between your collar bones. It can be as wide as a scoop neck or narrower depending on your preference. The picture below showcases a latest Kurti design with a classic boat neck design in a floor-length red Kurti.

  • Ideal for: This neckline draws the eye to the jawline. Hence it can be flattering for women with a diamond or heart-shaped face. It can balance out your midsection and draw attention towards your shoulders.
  • Kurti Designs: Long maxi dress style Kurtis, straight, layered,short Kurti
  • Best fabrics: Satin, georgette, cotton, silk
  • Paired with: Leggings, churidars, palazzos
  • Footwear: Open front sandals, flats, belly shoes, pointed heels
  • Accessories: Bracelets, Potli bags


4. Sweetheart Neck Design

 sweetheart neck kurti

                       Image credit: Pinterest

As the name suggests, the sweetheart neckline forms a heart shape around the front neck and is usually accompanied with a high back. In the picture below, Vidya Balan is wearing a maroon Kurti with a flattering sweetheart neckline paired with blue embellished palazzos.

  • Ideal for: This neckline can be extremely flattering for square or rectangular face shapes since it softens the jawline. For pear-shaped women, this neckline serves to deemphasize the lower body and highlight the neck and shoulder region.
  • Kurti Designs: Short A-line Kurtis, long straight Kurtis, festive wear Kurtis
  • Best fabrics: Cotton, crepe, silk
  • Paired with: Jeans, leggings, Palazzos, Patiala salwar
  • Footwear: Flats, Kolhapuri sandals
  • Accessories: Princess style necklaces.


5. Square Neck Design

Square Neck Kurti Design

Another one of the most popular necklines, the square-shaped neckline is a great choice not only for Kurtis but also for saree and lehenga blouses. The neckline can go as deep as the U-shape but is considerably wider.

  • Ideal for: This neck design flatters heart-shaped and round faces. Since it draws attention to the upper body, it can be a great choice for pear-shaped body types.
  • Kurti designs: Long sleeves for short and medium lengths and sleeveless for long Kurtis
  • Best fabric: Chiffon, georgette, Chandheri
  • Paired with: Wide-legged bottoms work well for short and medium-length Kurtis and denims or leggings go perfectly with shorter lengths.
  • Footwear: Closed front heels, traditional jootis, Palazzos
  • Accessories: Short necklaces that end at your collarbone, angular necklaces, clutch


6. Wrap Neck Design

Wrap neck kurti 

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More popularly known as the ‘Angrakha’ neckline, the wrap neck derives its legacy from the Mughal Age. An ‘Angrakha’ was originally a court outfit that could be wrapped around the body with a string tied at the sides. In India, this design has gained popularity over the last decade, especially with Anarkali style kurtas. Bollywood celebrities can often be seen wearing this neckline at award shows and promotional events.

  • Ideal for: This neckline creates a slimming effect and camouflages any problem areas while accentuating the upper waist. Women with hourglass and apple-shaped bodies can rock this style. It also works well for oblong and triangular face shapes.
  • Kurti designs: Anarkali Kurtis, short tunics
  • Best fabric: Silk, crepe, cotton
  • Paired with: Churidars, Salwaars
  • Footwear: Strappy high heels, embellished wedges, belly shoes
  • Accessories: Embroidered clutch or potli bag, long earrings


7. Regular Collar Neck Design

Collar Kurti Neck Design


Image credit: Instagram

For a casual look, a Kurti with a regular shirt collar neck works well. This neckline is especially popular among college-going women as it can be paired with jeans or leggings. Collar neck Kurtis can be worn in the office or formal events as the neckline calls for minimal accessorization.

  • Ideal for: Women who have an hourglass or pear-shaped body can easily pull off the regular collar neckline. It looks good on all face shapes.
  • Kurti designs: Tunics, long Kurtis with high side slits or front slit
  • Best fabric: Georgette, flannel, rayon
  • Paired with: Denims, leggings
  • Footwear: Strappy sandals, flip flops, belly shoes
  • Accessories: Casual bracelets, oversized bags, stud earrings


8. Mandarin Collar Design

Mandarin collar neck kurti

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The word ‘Mandar’ means ‘to command’. This collar style was originally used by Chinese bureaucrats in their official outfits. This collar is the distinguishing feature of the’ Nehru jacket, which is popular among Indian men. Similar to the regular collar, in the Mandarin collar, the fabric goes around the neck but usually leaves a gap in the front. In the picture below you can see the Mandarin collar neck design in a classy festive outfit worn by Kareena Kapoor. The other image shows the casual maroon Mandarin collar Kurti.

  • Ideal for: This neckline can make you look taller and leaner. It can be flattering for round and square face shapes. This neckline is also perfect if you are going for a simple but sophisticated look.
  • Kurti Designs: Long straight Kurtis, button-down kurtas with long sleeves
  • Best fabric: Cotton, georgette, silk, crepe
  • Paired with: Palazzos, leggings, straight salwar
  • Footwear: Platform heels, Kolhapuris, belly shoes
  • Accessories: Sunglasses, watch, pearl earrings, clutch


9. Keyhole Neck Design

               Keyhole neckline kurtiKeyhole neckline kurti

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This neckline has a key-shaped opening in the lower part of the front neck. This neckline has been a hit among Bollywood celebrities in the last couple of years. The reason behind its popularity could be the glamorous appeal that it adds even to the simplest outfits. The size and shape of the keyhole can vary depending on your preference. This style typically goes well a round or U-shaped neckline and long sleeves. In the picture below, the model is wearing a simple white Kurti with a keyhole neckline.

  • Ideal for: Petite and slender frames can both emphasize their decolletage with this neckline. It is particularly well suited for angular jawlines typically found in square and oblong face shapes.
  • Kurti Designs: Tail cut, asymmetric Kurtis with long sleeves, straight Kurtis, tunics
  • Best fabric: Chiffon, crepe, satin, cotton
  • Paired with: Can be paired with straight or narrow salwar and leggings
  • Footwear: Wedges, platform heels, pointed toe flats
  • Accessories: Metal bracelets, colorful stole or dupatta, leather handbags, hoops


10. Cold Shoulder Kurti Neck Design

Cold shoulder kurti

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Immensely popular during the 80s, the cold shoulder made a comeback on runways in 2015 in India. Its popularity has only grown since then. It is not a neck design in the technical sense but it is so commonly used in Kurtis that we had to include it in the list. The ‘cold shoulder’ refers to the top portion of the sleeve which is cut out to reveal a part of your upper arm or shoulder on each side. Initially a popular choice in tops and dresses, the cold shoulder trend took the ethnic wear world by storm as well.

  • Ideal for: Cold shoulder Kurtis flatter all body types and face shapes. This design gives the illusion of a balanced silhouette while smoothing over any problem areas you might have.
  • Kurti Designs: Often accompanied with a high round or boat neck, cold shoulder Kurtis can be short, long or asymmetrical.
  • Best fabric: Cotton, chiffon, silk, georgette
  • Paired with: Denims, palazzos, leggings, churidars
  • Footwear: High heels, flats, wedges
  • Accessories: Danglers or hoops, long necklaces, oversized bags


11. Off-shoulder Kurti Neck Design

Off shoulder kurti neck design

Image source: Instagram

If you want to experiment with a modern avatar of the classic Kurti, you must try an off-shoulder Kurti. A variation of the cold shoulder design, this type of Kurti neck design can be a pleasant change from the traditional Kurti necklines. Off-shoulder tops have been the rage in the last two years. From bohemian to chic one can see all sorts of innovative combinations of sleeves with off shoulder Kurtis. You can also opt for a short Kurti with a cold shoulder for a trendy college look. While these may not be everyone’s cup of tea, they can be paired strategically to make a statement. In the picture below, you can see how this neckline can be dressed up or down for both casual and party wear Kurti looks.

  • Ideal for: Off shoulder can be a little tricky to pull off if you have an apple shape and broad shoulders. For bottom-heavy women, this design can help in balancing out your upper body. By drawing attention towards the face, this neckline can help accentuate your best features and hence flatters all face shapes.
  • Kurti Designs: Indo-western cuts, straight or A-line styles
  • Best fabric: Viscose, rayon, cotton
  • Paired with: Denims, leggings, churidars
  • Footwear: High heeled stilettos, wedges
  • Accessories: Chokers, Short necklaces, pearl earrings, embellished clutches


12. High Neck Kurti Design

High Neck Kurti Design

 Image source: Instagram

Nothing speaks elegance like a high neck Kurti. This neckline not only creates a slender silhouette, it also has an elongating effect on your body. In some high neck designs for Kurtis, the neckline is embellished to add some bling to your outfit. Even without accessories, this neckline in itself is a delight to behold. You can get creative with your outfits and experiment with different types of salwar and jeans to go with your high neck Kurti.

  • Ideal for: For those who have a narrow face, this neckline is an ideal choice as it emphasizes the structured jawline. It also makes you look taller which has made it a hit among women who are on the shorter side. However, it should be avoided by those who want to deemphasize their midsection.
  • Kurti Designs: Long A-line or straight cuts, sleeveless, front or side slits
  • Best fabric: Chiffon, georgette, rayon
  • Paired with: Wide-legged bottoms
  • Footwear: Flats, wedges and platform heels
  • Accessories: Long chains and earrings, sunglasses, sling bags


13. Halter Neck Design


Halter neck Kurti Design

       Image Credit: Instagram

A halter neck is defined as a neckline that is held in place by a strap that goes around the neck. Halter necks were introduced to Indian ethnic wear in the form of saree blouses, often flaunted by celebrities like Mandira Bedi. The introduction of halter neck Kurtis is fairly recent. Today, this latest Kurti neck design is among the most popular choices for party wear Kurtis. While a halter-neck Kurti may not be ideal for office wear, it is great for parties.

  • Ideal for: Women who have slender arms can pull off this style with ease. This type of Kurti compliments all narrow face shapes perfectly.
  • Kurti Designs: This neckline looks most appealing with long or medium length sleeveless Kurtis.
  • Best fabric: Silk, cotton, chiffon
  • Paired with: Leggings or churidars
  • Footwear: Pencil heels, stilettos
  • Accessories: Bangles, stud earrings, colorful dupattas


14. Sheer /Lace Kurti Neck Design

Sheer /Lace neckline kurti

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Another apt choice for parties, this neck design is another example of Western influence on Indian ethnic wear. It is characterized by a high or medium-rise in which the upper part of the neckline is replaced with lace or sheer fabric. This type of Kurti neck design is a more contemporary trend and has been rarely seen in the past few decades.

  • Ideal for: This neck design works beautifully for all body types and face shapes.
  • Kurti Designs: This neck design works well with Indo-western Kurtis or floor-length gowns. The lower part of this neckline should ideally be a sweetheart shape.
  • Best fabric: Georgette or chiffon
  • Paired with: Narrow legged bottoms or palazzos in flowy fabrics
  • Footwear: Strappy heels, pumps, and stilettos
  • Accessories: It's best to avoid jewelry as the neck design in itself adds oomph to any outfit. A simple clutch and a pair of studs should do the trick.


15. Button-down Kurti Neck Design

Button-down neck kurti

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This basic neck design for Kurts is a great choice for office wear or formal occasions. Accompanied by an empire waistline or waist-high front slit or both, this neck design can be used in a casual as well as party wear Kurti. You can see how the button-down neckline is the highlight of Sara Ali Khan’s gorgeous ensemble in the picture below.

  • Ideal for: Oval and heart-shaped faces and those with an hourglass or pear-shaped body can opt for this neckline.
  • Kurti styles: Full-length Kurtis with front slits, mid-length straight Kurtis, empire line Kurtis
  • Best fabric: Translucent, flowy fabrics like chiffon or cotton
  • Paired with: Ripped jeans, leggings or plain palazzos
  • Footwear: Metallic colored flats or wedges and belly shoes
  • Accessories: Jhumkas, bangles and choker necklaces


16. Asymmetric Kurti Neck Design

Asymmetric neck kurti

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As the name suggests, the defining feature of this type of neck design is that one side looks different from the other. Somewhat unconventional in ethnic wear, this neckline follows no defined rules, which leaves room for experimentation.The pictures below exhibit some of the most trending Kurti designs with asymmetrical necklines.

  • Ideal for: Those who want to emphasize the decolletage should opt for this style. A carefully chosen pattern will highlight your most flattering features.
  • Kurti styles: The length of the Kurti can be long or short but it should be even. This neckline works best with A-line or straight Kurtis but as mentioned above, different styles can be experimented with to create unique designs.
  • Best fabrics: Depending on the design, any fabric can be used for asymmetric necklines.


17. V-Neck Design

V-Neck Design Kurti

Image credit: Instagram

Our list wouldn’t be complete without the iconic V-neck design! This simple neck design has evolved through the ages and today, we have innumerable options in terms of depth, width, and embellishments. For instance, in the picture below,the Kurti has a neck design that combines a deep V-neck with a collar. Another good example of this design of Kurtis is Anushka Sharma’s iconic red Kurti from the movie ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’. This neckline works best for office wear and formal Kurtis.

  • Ideal for: The V-shape creates the optical effect of an elongated torso and narrow shoulders. Thus it can work wonders for women who are on the chubbier side or who have broad shoulders. While it works for all face shapes, it can soften the jawline for an oblong or square-shaped face.
  • Kurti styles: Straight, tail cut, asymmetrical, tunic, A-line
  • Best fabrics: Cotton, chiffon, georgette, silk, rayon
  • Paired with: Denims, palazzos, leggings, salwars, Patialas


In the above list, we have included the latest trends in Kurti neck designs and highlighted the distinctive aspects of each style. However, fashion itself is not confined to existing trends. It keeps evolving with time and can be adopted by each individual based on their own perceptions. With a little imagination and creativity, you can come up with your own unique style which may eventually influence others. The goal, after all, is not to fit in but to stand out.