13 Back Hand Mehndi Designs That Will Steal Your Heart

When you think of the word ‘Mehndi’ the first image that comes to mind is of an elaborate pattern made on the palm. The back hand Mehndi is often taken for granted. Most people stick to traditional patterns that are easy to make and take less time. However, if you pick carefully, your back hand mehndi designs can enhance the appeal of your Mehendi exponentially. We have found a few unique back hand Mehndi designs that you can get inspired from. The list includes different categories and types of patterns that are used in back hand Mehndi. Without further ado, lets go right into the subject.

1. Jewelry Back Hand Mehndi Design

Jewelry Back hand Mehndi Design

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We are all familiar with the current favorite of mehndi artists, the jewelry Mehndi design. These designs are most suitable for the backhand. We have picked two lovely designs, one simple and the other more elaborate. The simple design is inspired by the popular women’s jewelry item worn mainly by Indian and Pakistani women.

2. Mandala Back Hand Mehndi Design

Mandala Back Hand Mehndi Designs

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The Mandala Mehndi design is one of the oldest traditional patterns that are still popular today. While this pattern can be used for both front and backhand, it looks insanely better on the backhand, The area around the Mandala in the middle of a palm is left empty to make it more prominent. If you want you can fill in this area with a pattern or cover it with Mehndi. This design will look fantastic either way.

3. Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Design

Bridal Back hand Mehndi design

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In India, you are not a real bride if you do not have your hands and feet and sometimes other parts completely covered in Mehndi. The backhand Mehndi for a bride would, of course, be more elaborate and intricate than other designs. However, some brides might prefer to keep it simple. We have one simple and one slightly over the top design for you.

4. Floral Back Hand Mehndi Design

Floral back hand mehndi design

Image Credit: Instagram

Flowers symbolize beauty in the Indian culture. That might be the reason why Indian Mehndi artists are obsessed with floral motifs. From lotus petals to lilies to just leaves and vines, these patterns have everything related to flowers that you can think of. The design below is easy to create and fabulous to look at.

5. Peacock Back Hand Mehndi Design

Peacock Back Hand Mehndi design

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The peacock represents royalty in Indian culture. This motif is usually incorporated in back hand Mehndi designs along with other patterns. It is believed that a peacock brings good luck which is why we see quite a lot of festive and bridal Mehndi patterns using this motif in some way or other. The design in the picture above is specially created for the back of the hand. You can stretch the pattern all the way to your elbow for an even more elaborate design.

6. Criss-Cross Back Hand Mehndi Design

Criss Cross Mehndi Design

Image Credit: Instagram

We have already seen the criss-cross Mehndi pattern in finger Mehndi designs. This design looks even more appealing when made on the back of the hand. You can go for a pattern that completely covers your hand or a half hand design.

7. Rajasthani Back Hand Mehndi Designs

Rajasthani Back Hand Mehndi Design

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What makes Rajasthan’s Mehendi culture unique is that during weddings, Mehendi is applied to the hands and feet of both the bride and the groom. The patterns are elaborate and detailed. This applies to Back Hand Mehndi Designs as well. Check out the design in the above picture for a beautiful design that combines jewelry patterns with floral motifs.

8. Arabic Back Hand Mehndi Designs

Arabic Back hand mehndi design

Image Credit: Instagram

Our list would be incomplete without the mention of Arabic Mehndi. These Mehndi designs have inspired artists all over the world. While they may be more time consuming and difficult to master, the end result is worth all the trouble.

9. Personalized Back Hand Mehndi Design

Personalised Back hand mehndi design

Image Credit: Instagram

With the changing times, more and more women are going for personalized Mehendi designs. Personalizing your Mehndi means adding details and patterns that you can relate to. For instance, this design has a portrait on each hand that depicts the love that the bride and groom share. You can also pick your favorite quote or simply your name to personalize your back hand Mehndi.

10. Eid Mehndi Designs

Eid Back Hand Mehndi Designs

Image Credit: Instagram

Some Mehndi patterns are especially suited for festivals. For instance, Eid is one of the festivals when women apply Mehndi. Over the years Eid Mehendi designs became a separate category. Our pick is a simple but intriguing design that will make your hands the picture of perfection. This back hand Mehndi design takes very little time to create but needs to be applied with precision.

11. Moroccan Back Hand Mehndi Design

Moroccan Back Hand Mehndi Design

Image Credit: Instagram

Moroccan Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Design

Image Credit: Instagram

You might be surprised to find out that Mehndi or ‘Henna tattoo’ as it is called is a huge trend in Africa. Moroccan Henna artists came up with their own unique designs and patterns in the last few years. People from all over the world continue to be awed by the perfection with these designs combine ethnic and modern motifs. Here is one such design that you need to check out. The second picture is that of a Moroccan bridal Henna pattern for the back hand. It looks different from the traditional patterns that you see on Indian brides. They cover the hand almost entirely.

12. Kids’ Back Hand Mehndi Design

kids back hand mehndi design

Image Credit: Instagram

You can now get cute Mehndi patterns for your kids to flaunt. The back hand designs in kid’s Mehndi are even more simple than the front hand mehndi designs. Usually, just an animal or bird, a butterfly, for example, is made with some tiny details added here and there.

From sweet and simple, to intricate and symbolic, there are so many ways to find inspiration. The hard part will be picking just one. We have tried to include designs from every category on this list. You can explore further and check out some of the most famous Mehndi designers in India and Pakistan for more ideas. Why stick to traditional designs when you can create a fusion of traditional and modern patterns as per your taste.

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