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Assist When in Transit

Your responsibility as a reseller does not end as soon as your new customer places an order with you. If customer satisfaction is your number-one priority, then you must engage with your customers in a post-purchase follow-up. It’s just not important, but essential for your online business success in the long term. So, build a proper post-purchase strategy of assisting your customers while the product is in transit.

How to develop a post-purchase follow-up strategy?

Once you have placed an order on behalf of your customer on Meesho, you will find all the information related to shipment and delivery of the product under the ‘Orders’ section in your Meesho app. Now, utilize that information to send delivery notifications to your customers. 

  • Order Confirmation: Send an order confirmation to your customers as soon as the order is placed successfully. This goes without saying, but the first important thing to include in an order confirmation message is a ‘Thank You’ to customers for purchasing your products. This will not only give them peace of mind but also will make them feel valued.
  • Product Shipment & Tracking Link: Once the order is shipped by the supplier, you will receive the tracking link on the Meesho app. Now, copy that courier link and send it to your customer at the earliest. This will help you to win your customer’s confidence and will give them control over the shipment. 
  • Estimated Delivery: After the shipment of the product, keep your customers posted on the estimated delivery date. To do that, you must actively follow up on the order by tracking through the provided link. If there are any discrepancies in the delivery, let them know at the earliest, so that they will keep realistic expectations.
  • Delivery Confirmation and Feedback: Send your customers a confirmation after the delivery of the product. Post confirmation, send them a separate message requesting them their valuable feedback. It is ideal to request feedback from your customers while they are still excited and have had ample time to use the product.

An effective post-purchase strategy will help you retain customers for a very long time. Every post-purchase interaction with your customer has the potential to turn a one-time customer into a lifelong brand ambassador. So, go ahead and follow these steps to gain your customer’s trust and confidence in your brand. Happy reselling!