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Empathy is the golden rule of reselling! Putting yourself in the position of your customer will help you gain their trust. And, trusted resellers will evidently have more orders in their hands. Our top resellers believe that building trust with the customers is crucial to acquire success in this reselling business.

How to empathise?

Empathy is a vital element every reseller should focus on, as it directly affects the income. Follow these few simple tips to personalize your customer’s experience.

  • Get to know your customers and discover their likes and dislikes.
  • Make your customers believe that you are paying attention to their interests.
  • Build a good relationship with your customer with a friendly and reliable attitude.
  • Be patient and if your customer did not like the items you have shared, reassure that you will get back to them with more latest trends.
  • After the product delivery, ask your customer for a review. 
  • Let the customers address their concerns completely before you interrupt them with a solution.
  • In case of a disappointed customer, respond politely and ensure them that the issue will be resolved at the earliest.

Put empathy into action and you will see an improved customer experience. A satisfied customer will come back to you, again and again, and will refer you to the others in his/her circle. So, start empathising with your customer to foster a strong relationship and expand your reselling business with Meesho!