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Handle Objections

Nothing defeats confidence faster than an unexpected objection from a customer. You might have experienced this when pitching your product to the customer. The objections are basically the challenges your customers are facing, like price, the relevancy of product, lack of time to engage with you currently, or anything else. It is crucial that you know how to handle each and every objection from your customers to close the sale successfully. 

How to handle objections?

Objection handling means responding to your customer or prospect in a way that changes their mind or alleviates their concerns. It does not involve you pressurising your customer into backing down. So, let’s look at what you can do in those situations. 

  • Perfect your pitch by preparing a list of objections in advance. This will minimize the risk of your customers catching you off-guard. Think of common rebuttals from your customers and prepare your responses.
  • Listen attentively to your customer and show that you are genuinely listening to them.
  • Don’t rush to respond. Instead, take a pause to craft the answer and respond with calm authority.
  • Keep your responses straight to the point. No one likes a chatter.
  • Do not wing the situation by making up things at that instant. In reselling, an inconvenient truth is always better than a comfortable lie. If you need more information, ask or look for it. 
  • Resolve all the objections in real-time, irrespective of the communication channel.
  • Get permission to address the objection if your customer is still talking.
  • Provide an unbiased resolution to the problem. This will help you to gain the customer’s trust and will reduce the tension at that moment.
  • Emphasise on the product’s value, if your customer is having a price objection.
  • Convince you are giving a great deal if your customers are raising the ‘not interested’ objection.

Getting an objection from a client may not necessarily mean a bad thing. It means the prospect has enough interest to at least engage with you, rather than flat out dismissing you. Also, objections give you a wonderful opportunity to learn more about your prospect’s needs and find better ways to communicate with them. Happy reselling!