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Keywords for Communication

Have you ever considered how valuable keywords can be in communicating with your customers? Well, now is the time to understand the importance of ‘Keywords’ in communication.

Keywords are basically the most important phrases or words that add impact, emotion and meaning to the content. So inserting them in your regular conversations with customers will help you to create the awareness required to establish your reselling brand.

Keyword Research: 

Creating an impactful content, whether it is in the verbal or written state, requires you to do some prior research. You can either visit the Meesho app and identify the words that signify the principal idea of the product or browse online for keywords as per the type of industry. While researching, read each line and jot down the powerful words you think are creating impact, and make your own copy. 

Types of Keywords/Keyphrases to Incorporate:

  • Articulate your sentences with relevant keywords of that particular area. For example, phrases/words such as ‘latest fashion’, ‘trendy (item type)’, ‘best-selling (item type)’ etc.
  • Use keywords to highlight the urgency. For example, 'only a few items left', 'limited stock' etc.
  • Use keywords to assure the quality of the product. For example, risk-free, certified, genuine etc.
  • Use keywords to build curiosity in customers such as ‘customizable pattern’, ‘made by best designers of the industry’, etc
  • Use keywords/phrases that will help your customers believe that they are valued and prioritized especially in person-to-person communication such as a ‘special discount’, ‘extra-off coupon’, ‘specifically designed to your needs’, etc.

Try not to use all the powerful keywords/phrases at once in a sentence; this will make your conversations look more like a PowerPoint presentation. Create a good impression with your customers by implementing the keywords you listed in a subtle and natural manner. Make the best out of the keywords by using them wisely and earn more profits by reselling with Meesho.