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Know your Customer

Keeping an eye on your customer experience is an effective approach to achieving your reselling business goals. The time you spend knowing your customers is likely to reciprocate to the number of orders you receive. A good reseller will always prioritize the customer. Our top resellers don’t just sell but they empathise with their customers before recommending them with the products.

Tips to Understand your Customer:

  • Knowing your customers will include understanding their wants and needs. To make your customers more receptive to your recommendations, follow these tips:
  • Interact with your potential customers and build a friendly relationship.
  • Know what kind/quality of products they are looking to purchase.
  • Stay honest while describing your product.
  • Make your customers aware of the deals you are offering on your products.
  • Engage your customers in real-time, especially in social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp.
  • Recommend products to your customers based on their interests.
  • Get the customer’s opinion on the product without projecting your own.
  • Accept the feedback from your customers with a positive attitude.
  • Listen to solve their problems and answer their queries at the earliest.
  • Act spontaneously to avoid building up queries from your customers. 

Know your Customer Through Facebook and Instagram: 

Thanks to the latest advancements in social media, it is now a lot easier to understand customer behaviour. Facebook offers insights from where you can distinguish your customer’s engagement with your content in-depth. From clicking on a link to liking a post, Facebook insights will help you track your customer’s behaviour. Similar to Facebook, Instagram also provides insights that will help you learn more about your followers and your content engagement with audiences. This will give you an immense ability to respond quickly to your customer’s needs.

The best way of fostering customer loyalty to your reselling business is by meeting their expectations in terms of service. Knowing your customer will assist you to make recommendations that will further result in happy customers and more profit to your business. Happy reselling, Meesho entrepreneurs!!