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What if the customer is aggressive?

In today’s market run, we all have to deal with angry and unhappy customers from time-to-time. It's necessary to be well prepared to diffuse such ‘out of the blue’ situations. The first step is to learn how to identify an aggressive customer. 

Just because somebody has a complaint or raises their voice, does not mean they are necessarily aggressive. A customer becomes aggressive the moment their behaviour becomes unreasonable. This can happen due to a number of reasons, but remember that you can turn the situation around just by following these few tricks.

Tips to Deal with Aggressive Customers:

  • Stay Calm: During your encounter with aggressive customers, your first instinct would probably be to fight or flight. You need to avoid this. Stay calm and do your best to help the aggressive customer to calm down. 
  • Use Reflective Listening Technique: When someone is really mad at you, respond by reflecting the thoughts and feelings you heard from your customer. For example, use phrases such as ‘ I understand your frustration but,….’, ‘ So correct me if I am wrong. You are saying that….’
  • Be Kind and do not Argue: Arguments won’t help you in winning the situation. When you argue, the situation might even become worse. In such cases, it is better to keep your cool and avoid getting down in the mud with the customer. 
  • Listen and Understand: Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and understand the situation. You can often lower the tension of your customer by exhibiting a sincere desire to understand their concern.
  • Find a Solution: Think on your feet even in such difficult situations and find a solution to whatever problem your customer is facing. But remember not to make promises you can’t deliver.
  • Stand Firm: Sometimes, your customer might have misunderstood the situation or is factually wrong. In such cases, stick to the point you want to establish without getting sidetracked.
  • Be a Bigger Person: In a hostile situation, always try to be a bigger person and understand your customers’ concerns without letting your emotions take over.

Encountering a rude customer can be a highly stressful experience; so, it's important not to take things personally and apologize if it's appropriate to do so. It's also equally important to think through what happened, to consider whether the customer's rudeness reflects a bigger problem or a recurring issue. This way you can avoid that sort of rude behaviour from other customers. 

Remember that these kinds of situations are quite prevalent in the business world; so, don’t let them disappoint you. Eventually, this will phase out and you will have a great reselling experience with huge profits through the Meesho app.