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Why use Google Trends?

Hello Meesho entrepreneurs! If you haven’t used Google Trends yet, it’s time for you to start using it now! Google Trends is a pretty handy tool useful in numerous ways, especially to know the seasonal trends. It will help you to make an informed decision on choosing the products you are reselling to your customers. Let us see how you can maximise your business by using this search trends feature.

Benefits of Using Google Trends :

  • You can find specific information on how many people are actually searching for a particular term associated with the product and from which geographic locations they are searching. 
  • You can get keyword-related information and use that information to choose the right words for your product description.
  • You can quickly come to a conclusion on what kind of products you must choose to share with your customers. For example, on typing ‘Men’s fashion’ in Google trends, you will come to know which types are gaining popularity.
  • You will get a multi-dimensional view of the product such as seasonality, demographics and locations. 
  • You can know when is a suitable time to sell that particular product to the customers by setting the time period on Google Trends.
  • You can discover the relative popularity of your search term based on the frequency and location. 
  • You can enhance your reselling strategies based on the current trends and plan accordingly to achieve your goals.

How to use Google Trends?

You can start by simply entering a topic or query into the search bar of the Google Trends page. After entering your desired topic, you will be presented with these four refinement options, which will allow you to further scrutinise and fully explore the results.

  • Location: Choose any specific location in India or even the entire globe.
  • Timeframe: Choose any time frame you want, from 2004 to the last one hour.
  • Category: Pick a relevant category from various options.
  • Search Type: Choose ‘Google shopping’ as your search type.

From helping you plan ahead of seasonal trends to finding the most trending products, Google Trends can give you insights that will make your reselling business a success. As you can probably see, there’s plenty you can do with Google Trends. So, try it and increase your sales this instant. Happy reselling!