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Door Guard for home 39inch (pack of 5)
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    Door Guard for home 39inch (pack of 5)


    3.9172 Ratings, 38 Reviews
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    Name : Door Guard for home 39inch (pack of 5)

    Material : Nylon

    Type : Manual

    Fixture Type : Door Concealed

    Product Breadth : 1 Cm

    Product Height : 1 Cm

    Product Length : 1 Cm

    Net Quantity (N) : Pack Of 5

    39 inch with 1.6 inch dia of one foam under door draft stopper,which is perfect most door.Draft guard door blocker can effectively guard and they are equally able to keep the wind,dust,and sound,or even polluted air out of your door. BABO & BABY Door Bottom Sealing Strip Guard for Home 36 Inch Under Door Draft Stopper is a double sided insulating device for doors and windows the fabric draft stopper sleeve holds foam cylinders on opposite sides of a door, creating an airtight, draft-proof seal. Door draft blocker are suitable for doors,It can be move with the doors when you open and close it and it will not cause any damage to you doors or floors.This amazing door blocker brings to an end to the worry about scuff marks or carpets that are frayed. EASY TO USE : The easily removable draft door blocker is easy to fix to the door. Made of high-quality vinyl, durable and easy to clean. You can adjust the length of the draft guard to suit your door. The length can be reduced by cutting the foam tube. Hence you can alter it to precisely fit your door or window. Large-size sponge: not ordinary slender sponge, which will not move with the opening of the door Hook-and-loop fixation: Hook-and-loop fixation is used on the door to prevent the double protection from moving with the opening of the door

    Country of Origin : India

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