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Wedge leg elevated cushion
    Wedge leg elevated cushion


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    Name : Wedge leg elevated cushion

    Fabric : Polyester

    Filling Material : Fiber

    Net Quantity (N) : 1

    Sizes : Free Size

    It is practically designed to suit individuals with different heights, shapes and sizes. Reduces acid reflux and Low downs Snoring This wedge cushion helps you to elevate your legs above your heart for better blood circulation allows smooth blood flow to the brain, reduce pressure on your back during sleeping. properly elevating your legs after knee, foot, or leg and relieves pain in shoulders, neck and backsurgery without clumsily stacking pillows or household items that fall over trying to get a similar effect. It also Helps with breathlessness caused by allergy or asthma Promotes proper body posture by taking the pressure off these areas, helping you sleep peacefully through the night so you can wake up refreshed The pillow is designed to give you comfortable rest in the natural position. The elevated support foam of the pillow lets you rest and relax without aches or pain. Helps promote proper blood circulation Made in India : The wedge pillow is created in India keeping the rest needs of Indians in mind

    Country of Origin : India

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