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Elegant Baby Blanket
Elegant Baby Blanket
Elegant Baby Blanket
    Elegant Baby Blanket


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    Name : Elegant Baby Blanket

    Fabric : Fleece

    Type : Hooded Baby Blanket

    Net Quantity (N) : 1

    our product is free size and designed to fit babies from 0-12 month. product dimension are blanket (27*27 inches, 70*70cm) The sleeping bag creates a loose and comfortable environment for the baby, helping promoting baby's sleep and reducing the startle reaction; swaddle your newborn baby so that she feels secure. The swaddling clothes for the baby is a shelter from the wind which can also make it warm. A must have when going outside----You can put swaddle in the baby cart to avoid the situation where the outside weather bring harm to the baby. Unique shape design, part from the traditional and complex method to wrap the baby : directly put the baby in the swaddling clothes--so simple to wrap your baby; beautiful and cute style will make your baby so cute and beautiful!

    Country of Origin : India

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