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GLYMINOH _Low-GI Rice, Diabetic Friendly RICE 5 kg PACK
GLYMINOH _Low-GI Rice, Diabetic Friendly RICE 5 kg PACK
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GLYMINOH _Low-GI Rice, Diabetic Friendly RICE 5 kg PACK
    GLYMINOH _Low-GI Rice, Diabetic Friendly RICE 5 kg PACK


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    Name : GLYMINOH _Low-GI Rice, Diabetic Friendly RICE 5 kg PACK


    FSSAI License Number : 23623029000834

    Shelf life (Best Before) : 12 Months

    Net Quantity (N) : 1

    Veg/NonVeg : Veg

    Weight : More Than 4kg

    White Rice which is Fully Polished after peeling off the Bran completely acts as a Simple Carbohydrate which breaks down instantly pumping glucose levels rapidly into the blood making us Diabetic over prolonged usage. In Glyminoh Rice most of the Bran in the Rice is intact making the Carbohydrate Complex, which helps in slow and normal release of glucose into the blood.



    Glyminoh Rice falls under the category of Low GI Foods, loaded with higher Fiber and Nutrient Rich Bran which makes it a Unique Product offering you the duel health benefits of Diabetic and Obesity Control.


    Diabetes is increasing at an exponential pace in India. According to a recent research survey 1 out of every 4 persons is Diabetic or Pre-Diabetic. Larger intake of High Glycemic Index Foods in our diets is mostly contributing to this menace and this requires an urgent action on our part. Choosing a Product like Glyminoh can help in this direction of moving towards a Healthy Society.


    Every Rupee spent of quality food helps you save 20 rupees on medical expenses, Be Wise and Prioritize.


    We offer Best Price to our Farmers for the Produce, encouraging them to practice Scientific and Natural Methods of Farming without exploiting the Mother Nature.


    Country of Origin : India

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