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Karate Belts
Karate Belts
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Karate Belts
    Karate Belts


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    Name : Karate Belts

    Material : Cotton

    Color : Yellow

    Size : Free Size

    Type : Waist Support

    Net Quantity (N) : 1

    Karate Belt Ranks - Representing Your Martial Arts Mastery

    In the discipline of karate, each colored belt signifies a student's level of knowledge, skill, and achievement. KRT Sportswear offers high-quality karate belts in the traditional colors to mark your hard-earned progress.

    White Belt - The Beginning

    The white belt represents the start of one's karate journey. It symbolizes a clean slate and an eagerness to learn the fundamental stances, strikes, blocks and forms. Made from durable cotton, this white belt is perfect for new students.

    Yellow Belt - Seed of Potential

    Having mastered the basics, the yellow belt indicates a seedling of martial arts potential beginning to sprout. With increased coordination and stamina, students earn this sunny belt color.

    Orange Belt - Sunrise of Development

    Like the warm sunrise, the orange belt signifies a student's skills are developing and brightening. Greater discipline, improved technique, and deeper philosophical understanding are required.

    Green Belt - Fertility of Growth

    A lush green belt denotes a fertile stage of rapid growth. Students demonstrate proficiency in applying throws, joint locks, and both armed and unarmed self-defense techniques.

    Blue Belt - Manifestation of Skill

    The blue belt represents the manifestation of decisive skill and technical expertise. A calm, focused demeanor and strong personal philosophy become evident

    Country of Origin : India

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