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My Inventions Autobiography of Nikola Tesla
My Inventions Autobiography of Nikola Tesla
My Inventions Autobiography of Nikola Tesla
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My Inventions Autobiography of Nikola Tesla
    My Inventions Autobiography of Nikola Tesla


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    Name : My Inventions Autobiography of Nikola Tesla

    Author : Nikola Tesla

    Book Format : Paperback

    Edition : Frist Edition

    Genre : Biographies

    ISBN : ISBN-13:9789354401473

    Language : English

    Pages : 101-200 Pages

    Publish Year : 2021

    Publisher : Fingerprint! Publishing

    Sub Genre : True Accounts Books

    Product description


    Discover the remarkable life and brilliant mind of Nikola Tesla in My Inventions : Autobiography of Nikola Tesla. This captivating autobiography unveils the visionary ideas, groundbreaking inventions, and relentless pursuit of innovation that defined one of history's greatest inventors.


    A glimpse into the mind of a genius!


    Nikola Tesla's personal account of his life, inventions, and discoveries

    Provides insights into the mind of a scientific genius and his revolutionary ideas

    Chronicles Tesla's groundbreaking contributions to electrical engineering and technology

    Reveals Tesla's fascinating vision for wireless power transmission and other groundbreaking concepts

    A captivating and inspiring read for science enthusiasts, inventors, and admirers of Nikola Tesla's genius


    About the Author

    A brilliant scientist and visionary, Nikola Tesla was born on July 10, 1856, in the village of Smiljan (modern-day Croatia). He was gifted with an eidetic memory and displayed remarkable creativity since his schooling days. Throughout his life, he made groundbreaking discoveries. His inventions are extraordinary, such as the system of power generation and transmission through alternating current—it powers much of the world today. Tesla’s lifelong obsession with a wireless transmission of energy began when he showed such a transmission to the world through a teleautomatic boat

    Country of Origin : India

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