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When to use WhatsApp Status Updates?

Hello Meesho entrepreneurs! Some of our resellers say that sharing too many products on WhatsApp chat or WhatsApp group can sometimes irritate the customer and they may leave the group. Too many images may also use a lot of space on your customer’s phone; so, they may not open the product pictures sent by you at all. So, you can share frequently with your customers without sending them a WhatsApp message with the WhatsApp Status feature.

The best use of this feature is to announce Daily Deals and offers, limited period offers, limited stock products, and attractive discounts that will create urgency and make your customers message you.

How to create WhatsApp Status?

  1. Tap on the ‘STATUS’ on your WhatsApp screen. You will see status pictures shared by your other WhatsApp contacts
  2. You too can use this feature to share products and offers with everyone on your contact list many times a day.
  3. To share a catalog, go to the Meesho app.
  4. Tap on ‘SHARE NOW’.
  5. Tap on ‘WhatsApp’.
  6. Select ‘My Status’.
  7. Tap ‘SEND’. This will upload all catalog images. Here, you can add a caption as well.
  8. You will see the WhatsApp screen again. Now, again tap on ‘WhatsApp Status’ and tap ‘Send’. 
  9. You can create a text message, or upload a picture here. Tap on the ‘upload image’ icon. Here you can add one or more than one image.
  10. Select an image from the gallery. Add exciting emojis, or text on your image - like ‘20% off’, or ‘Free Shipping’, or ‘Limited time offer’  or any other text that will attract your customer.
  11. You can add a caption, elaborating your product or offer.
  12. Click on the ‘Send’ icon.
  13. The catalogs photos and description of catalogs will be seen by all your WhatsApp contacts.
  14. When you click on your status, you will be able to see how many people have seen your status.
  15. With the status feature, you can share 5-10 products a day without intruding into the busy lives of your customers.

It is best not to share too many status updates as your customers may end up not seeing all. Because your customers may be seeing many status updates everyday, our top resellers say they post the same product more than once a day so that their customer does not miss them. Go ahead and make the best use of this feature. Happy reselling!