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Email or Chat

Chat and email are two effective media used in conversing with customers to promote the products.  But do you actually know the difference between them and how it affects your sales intake? 

Both are basically similar in carrying messages in textual form from one device to another. The real variation lies in the speed they both occur. Even though the delivery of both media is fast, chat offers a real-time transmission of the messages while it is expected that response to an email is often delayed. But it is extremely important for you to understand when to use each of them to improve your reselling business.

Why use email?

Emailing is a rather professional way to communicate with your customers since the tone of the message is often formal. As you know already, you can drop an email to your customer at any time and they can retrieve the message as soon as they are online. This kind of communication can be mostly used while informing your customers of something important like product confirmation, shipment details, product delivery etc. However, always make sure your customers prefer this method before sending notifications. While there are many who would like a real-time conversation, some would prefer an email for information. 

Why use chat?

Chatting is like having an actual conversation with your customers in real-time. In this medium, the expectation for a response at the earliest is high. Chatting in person-to-person will help you empathize with your customer at a deeper level. You can also connect with many people at once through chat options available on WhatsApp group, Facebook Marketplace, Instagram and see who are frequently responding to your texts. The anticipation rate is very low while chatting compared to email. That is the reason why you can share your catalogues with your customers in Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook chat and most likely receive a response in minutes if your customers are online.

Both in email and chat you can send images, audio and video formats but weigh in the convenience of your customer before choosing either of the media for sharing your products. No matter what media you choose to communicate, don't forget to respond quickly to their queries and encourage purchases of your customers at key points during their shopping journey. Proper communication between you and your customer will lay a better foundation for your reselling business. Happy reselling!