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If the customer is the queen, you are her trusted minister!

We are all familiar with how ministers are referred to as ‘brainy’, while the queen is a powerful entity in the kingdom. Likewise in the reselling world, your customer is the queen and you are her minister during the whole shopping journey. But it takes a little more effort to earn that minister ‘trusted’  status from your queen. Let us see what qualities you must possess to become one.

Qualities of a ‘Trusted’ Minister:

Becoming a trusted minister begins with integrity but also requires skills and strategy, which can be learned and practised. Some specific qualities you must work to earn the right to be a trusted minister or an advisor are:

  • Understanding the customer’s requirement before making any recommendations
  • Asking open-ended questions to learn about customers’ needs and challenges
  • Demonstrating the value of the product
  • Updating yourself with the latest trends to provide better suggestions
  • Focusing on maintaining and preserving the relationship by being competent at all costs
  • Staying proactive and striving to always respond to customers’ requests without any delay
  • Exhibiting chemistry by being friendly and understanding your prospects’ cues
  • Being honest and transparent while answering the queries
  • Being responsible and following up on things when required

Once you’ve achieved these qualities, you will secure a permanent position as ‘trusted minister’ to your queen. A trusted minister or advisor is the most powerful esteem that you can earn from your buyers. It is a status that should be treated with respect and nurtured before, during, and after every interaction. Happy reselling, Meesho ministers!