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Manage your Time

A good reseller must possess the quality of time management to accomplish tasks at a faster and effective rate. Planning your time according to your reselling goals will increase your productivity which in turn will help you to ensure that you never miss out on any important tasks. Let us look at some useful time management tips, that might come to your aid while juggling work and family.

Tips to Manage your Time:

  • The first and most foremost step is to track your time. Figure out where you are actually losing your time and make necessary changes to it.
  • Be specific while setting your reselling goals. However, setting a goal is only half the equation. The rest is to construct a timeframe to monitor and achieve these goals.
  • Set priorities, and divide your time and focus accordingly. For example, rather than focusing on tasks that have little impact, concentrate on the ones that will bring you more orders. 
  • Plan your day in advance, to combat the distractions that come along your way.
  • Manage your day in such a manner that you are calling your potential customers at their convenience. 
  • Take some short breaks. When things get overwhelming, it is absolutely okay to consider taking breaks. This will later help you to refresh and tackle your work more efficiently.
  • Focus on a single task instead of multitasking and try to complete that task in the stipulated time.
  • Be practical while designing your tasks. Spare some time from your schedule to complete your interrupted tasks from earlier.

Time management can be a bit tricky! But ultimately, you will achieve success by fetching more and more orders once you manage your time smartly. So, organize your time, gain more customers and earn more profits from reselling with Meesho!