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When to use Facebook Live?

Hello Meesho entrepreneurs! Facebook Live is a very useful tool to get new customers and orders. A number of our expert resellers create Facebook Lives to sell more effectively. Facebook Live is an important tool to boost your selling during sale-days and offers. Selling with this feature will create excitement in your customers and make them buy from you. 

How to create Facebook Live?

  • You can come live from your Facebook profile, Facebook business page or Facebook group.
  • Go to your profile/page/group and tap on the Share menu.
  • Tap on ‘Go Live’. Then tap on ‘Start Live Video’. 

Tips to sell with Facebook Live:

  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection for an uninterrupted live selling session. 
  • You need a quiet place with less background noise to have a good live session.
  • Use these lives to create a personal bond with your customers.
  • If you are hosting a lottery or lucky draw, it is good to have everything at hand.
  • If you are showcasing high-selling products with Live, you can have a model to show it or you can show it yourself. 
  • Try to answer to queries and questions as quickly as possible.

Go ahead and make the best use of the Facebook Live feature. Happy reselling!