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Where to research?

Knowing the ‘where’ part of the research will fetch you better results and will save you a fair amount of time. Let us take a look at the places where you can discover useful tips and tricks for reselling.

Useful Research Areas

  • Meesho App: You can find most of the information you need in the Meesho app itself! The ‘For You’ section on the bottom of the app has hand-picked products with latest deals that are tried and tested by many people. And, the ‘Collections’ tab will help you spot the specific requirement/products from the app. For more assistance, click on the ‘ Help’ section to find plenty of videos and articles on smart reselling tips and tricks.
  • Social Networking Research: Whether you have just begun or have been reselling for a while, the best way to understand the market is spending some time on social networking sites like Facebook groups, Whatsapp groups and Instagram. It will be even more beneficial if you can analyze the product in detail by keeping an eye on the posts and comment section.
  • Online Market Research: To sharpen your research, you can always browse the latest trends of a particular collection online. Identify the prices of similar products on other websites and draw your reselling estimation. Besides, you can also find out the effective methods of reselling through online research.

Remember that research is not just a one-time thing! You must always stay updated on the latest trends to increase your order intake. Make the best use of the material present on the app and you will see an improvement in making profits with Meesho!