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Adronix Powerx Football Size 5
Adronix Powerx Football Size 5
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Adronix Powerx Football Size 5
    Adronix Powerx Football Size 5


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    Name : Adronix Powerx Football Size 5

    Bladder Type : Butyl

    Designed For : Beginner

    Ideal For : Junior

    Size : 3

    Stitching Type : Hand Stitched

    Water Resistance : Water Resistant

    Age Group : 10-50

    Net Quantity (N) : 1

    Net Quantity (N) : 1

    "* 32 Panel Machine stitched Football made for budding footballers

    * All kinds of games and play for youngsters AGED 12 & above

    Grassy Ground, Hobby playing.

    * Butyl bladder inside keeps the ball airtight.

    * The ball is made of a soft PVC material.

    * The ball is suitable for very young children, who would like to become acquainted with the sport of football. Age -12 yrs & above

    * Deflated ball comes in the packaging, pls. unfold & open the ball completely before inserting the pin.

    * Colorful design for improved visibility and faster player reactions."

    Country of Origin : India

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