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Makeup Essential: Makeup Brush For All Different Uses

With multiple brushes online can make you overwhelmed with choices but having a suitable brush for your makeup pouches is very necessary so here we have listed the top 10 types of makeup brush sets you can have in your pouch and not be intimated by various marketed products online or offline.

10 Types of Makeup Brushes & Their Uses

Contouring Brush

Contouring helps to define our facial features. Apply on your cheekbone to uplift it, apply onto your nose and chin to give it element and dimension. Contouring is an essential part of makeup now and this became famous with youtube tutorials and to do so you need the contouring brush. This brush will properly blend in the contour cream or powder as this cannot be done with hands. Add a contouring brush to your makeup brush kit today!

Foundation Brush

If you have been doing makeup for a long time or have never done it. You know what does applying foundation means. Increase In pollution and because of the hyperpigmentation our skin tone varies from lips to cheeks and even our forehead. In that case, the foundation is applied to get an even skin tone and increase the shade of the skin. Foundation can be applied with hands but to prevent your face from becoming a cake brush helps you blend properly and makes the foundation to be absorbed by the skin.

Highlighter Brush

Is applying concealer and foundation not enough to provide dimension and define your facial features? You can choose if you want to apply a highlighter as it provides a glow and shine to your high points on the face like chin, nose, and cheekbone. For doing this you need a highlighter brush to give a proper angular dimension to the high points.

Concealer Brush

Concealer is used to hide blemishes, spots, wrinkles, and dark circles. It gives even skin and helps the skin tone to be the same across when the face foundation is applied. For doing this you need a concealer brush which makes the blending of concealer easy and it even helps to apply concealer on areas like the hairline which once done through hands leaves our hair looking white.

Eyeshadow Brush

Applying eyeshadow with hands is so not good and makes you look like a kids canvas. Using an eyeshadow brush makes the eye look dramatic and even across. These brushes are a little flat and wide enough to cover your lids and apply the shadows evenly.

Lip Brush

Why Lip Brush? It’s considered hygienic if the lip brush is used to apply the lipstick. It lets others use your product safely. Apart from hygiene, it helps in defining the lip properly and pop out.

Powder Brush

Why powder brush when we have a foundation brush? Foundation brushes are wide flat surfaces from the top while powder brush has a round bristle structure on the top which helps to apply powder properly without removing the base makeup. Powdering is done to set the makeup and the brush does it properly without using our hands.

Eyeliner Brush

Generally, eyeliner companies give a brush with the product but there are liners that come in a bottle and they require a separate brush for it. Still, you can have a separate thin brush for applying eyeliner as they are easier to use and give the proper winged eye.

Eyelash and Eyebrow Brush

Eye makeup is not complete without eyebrow shaping and applying mascara and for that having a brush which can help you in getting desired results. The mascara brush is multipurpose as it can even be used to brush your brows and lashes.

Toothbrush Type Brush

This is a multi-purpose brush that can be used to apply foundation, concealer, and apply setting powder as well. You can still use it to do a lot of things as you feel the need for it.

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