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More About Petticoat

You may be wearing the most beautiful saree but if you do not choose the right blouse and petticoat, you could ruin your entire look. What you wear under your saree is extremely important since it determines your level of comfort as well as the final look of your outfit. Apart from the color and size, it is also important to select the right fabric for your saree petticoat. These days blended stretchable fabrics and satin are extremely popular as they provide a slimming effect. So choose the best quality saree petticoats to look sleek and polished in your saree.

Get Picture Perfect Saree Looks With Amazing And Comfortable Saree Petticoat

No matter how stunning your saree is, in order to get the perfect fit and silhouette the right saree Petticoat is integral. It is the saree Petticoat that makes all the difference and gives you a proper foundation to your saree outfit. Therefore, it is safe to say that a saree petticoat can either make or break your look. It is important to choose the right style and type of Petticoat to ace your saree look. Therefore, without much ado, let’s look at some things that you must keep in mind before choosing the perfect saree Petticoat for your saree outfits.

Some Things To Keep In Mind Before Getting Yourself A Saree Petticoat

Always Choose A Comfortable Saree Petticoat

First and the most important thing to keep in mind while buying a saree Petticoat is its comfort. Everyone likes comfort and doing things in their own comfort zone. The same goes with sarees, a misfitted or lanky saree Petticoat can make your whole experience with sarees so uncomfortable and awkward. If your saree Petticoat is too tight, you might not be able to walk and do your daily routine effortlessly and instead waddle like a duck. While a loose saree Petticoat can cause an even bigger problem like unfastening your saree. Now you would not want that, would you?

Your Saree Petticoat Should Not Be Too Long Or Too Short

A lot of women find walking in saree difficult, now imagine your saree Petticoat peeking from underneath your saree and getting caught in your heels. This is the kind of problem that you are inviting if you do not buy the right saree Petticoat for yourself. When it comes to saree Petticoat, women ideally prefer ankle length Petticoats as they are shorter than your saree but not so short that it becomes uncomfortable.

Invest In A Slim Fit Saree Petticoat

While shopping for saree Petticoats, it is always a better idea to opt for one that offers a slim fit. Slim fit saree Petticoats are fitted at the top while flaring at the bottom making it easy for you to move more comfortably and freely. Slim fit saree Petticoats are also a fantastic option if your saree is translucent as it gives a sleek look that cannot be compared to the normal saree Petticoat.

Choose The Color Of Your Saree Petticoat Carefully

This is another thing that will either make or break your saree outfit. Matching the color of your saree with the color of your Petticoat is essential to get a seamless and perfect look. What many women do these days is take their sarees along while shopping for a saree Petticoat as this assures the right color Petticoat is picked.

Select The Correct Fabric

If you are someone who wears sarees as a daily wear outfit, you must always go with a cotton Petticoat as they are lightweight and breathable. While if you are looking for a saree Petticoat for a sheer or translucent saree, you must opt for a silk or satin saree Petticoat.

Different Types Of Saree Petticoats That You Should Know About

A-Line Saree Petticoat - The most famous and common saree Petticoat out there, A-line saree Petticoats sometimes come with either four, six, or eight compartments that are stitched together. These saree Petticoats assure a lot of moving space as they are conical with a string attached at the top for closure. A-line saree Petticoat is best fit for daily wear purposes.

Layered Saree Petticoat - Ever wondered how some people get such stunning saree looks with a flare at the bottom? It is all because of layered saree Petticoats. These Petticoats come adorned with can-can to get the perfect flared-looking sarees. Generally, layered saree Petticoats feature either a zip or a hook closure so as to keep the underskirt in its place.

Mermaid Saree Petticoat - Also known as fish cut Petticoats, mermaid saree Petticoats are perfectly fitted and the best option for sheer sarees as they give the best silhouette out there. These Petticoats are fitted at the top and flared at the bottom offering leg movement and come with zip closure.

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