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When it comes to choosing footwear for our kids, we normally look for durable and practical options that will last a long time. What if you could also give a fashionable makeover to your kids鈥

Buy Kids Footwear Online

Tips to Buy The Latest Kids Footwear Online

The best part of buying kids’ footwear online is the surplus designs and options you can have that a physical store may not be able to give you. Every child has different choices and likes, and one should not assume that a single pattern or design will appease every kid. From cartoon characters to eye-catching colours, kids’ footwear is available in every form and shape to appeal to their young buyers. At Meesho, we are committed to bringing the best kids footwear that your kids will love. 

Nowadays, it’s not just the adults but also kids who want to match their footwear with their outfits. And different attire demands different kinds of footwear. 

While buying kids' footwear, one must make sure that the shoes’ sole is strong and sturdy as kids tend to play and run around a lot. Uncomfortable shoes or shoes with cheap soles can lead to pain in the feet and even falling or slipping while playing around. 

Buying kids’ footwear online also gives your kid the advantage of making choices independently and choosing the perfect footwear that matches their personality. 

Kids’ footwear comes in various styles and designs. As adorable as they look, they are very comfortable to wear as well. At Meesho, Kids’ footwear is available for numerous occasions. Be it the traditional Juttis, also known as Mojaris, or the good old sports shoes, Meesho has every type of footwear for your kid. There are many different kinds of kids’ footwear available as we have divided them into various categories to make buying easier for you. 

Ballerina Sandals:

Girls love to wear dresses and skirts, and ballerinas go perfectly with them. Ballerinas are simple flat closed-toe bellies that either have a bow or any other cute accessory adorning them . These ballerinas are made with different materials and styles, depending on the kids’ choice and demand. Ballerina, the favourite kids’ footwear price differs from the brand and quality of the footwear. Buy the latest kids’ footwear design at Meesho at pocket-friendly prices. 


The most comfortable casual footwear, Crocs, are loved by kids and adults equally. They are an excellent choice for daily wear, and their longevity makes them the best choice for footwear investment. Crocs look best with jeans, skirts, Bermuda pants, and 3/4th pants. The best part of crocs is that they are unisex and both girls and boys can wear them. Crocs are available online in different patterns and styles. Kids' favourite superhero and Disney designs are loved immensely by kids everywhere, and they are in demand everywhere. Buy your child’s next favourite pair of kid’s footwear online at Meesho and get spoiled with choices at great prices. 


Floaters are like sandals but more comfortable and sturdy. They make the perfect footwear for everyday wear. Floaters are open-toed with a velcro buckle over the ankle, making them more comfortable and easy to wear. Floaters are an excellent choice for kids of all ages. They are long-lasting and have excellent value for money. Floaters are unisex footwear, and our wide range of catalog will surely make you pick the one for your kid. 

Flip flops:

Other great casual kids footwear are flip flops. These are multipurpose footwear that can be used for daily home wear or can be styled with matching outfits to give casual vibes. Flip flops also make great beach footwear. If your next holiday destination is a sunny seaside or a place with beaches, then flip flops are a must-have in your kids’ footwear collection. They are easy to wear and maintain and are generally long-lasting. Flip flops are available in various soles like rubber and PVC. You can choose the one that fits the best for your requirement. Buy the latest kids’ footwear from Meesho and keep your kid stylish from head to toe. 

Fur Slippers:

Hugely popular among kids are the cute fur slippers. These fur slippers are like normal slippers but with an open toe, and the sole is lined with soft faux fur-like material. These slippers make excellent home wear, and with the fur lining, they are highly suitable for winters or the places where winters are long and harsh. Fur slippers keep the toes warm and cozy, making it a good value for money. Kids’ footwear price varies from the material and quality of the footwear. 

Sports shoes:

No footwear collection is complete without comfortable and long-lasting sports shoes. These are available for both boys and girls and are the perfect option when kids play. Their comfortable and sturdy sole makes sure that your child does not twist their ankle while running around. Sports shoes are one of the favourite kids’ footwear, and they are available in many colours. Kids love their superheroes and Disney characters, and sports shoes are also available in the same print and style. Buy the latest kids’ footwear at Meesho and add the best shoes to your kids’ footwear collection. 

Juttis or Mojaris:

Jutis or Mojaris are traditional footwear and look great with traditional outfits like Payjama Kurta or Lehenga. Juttis and Mojaris are mostly available in dark colours, but few designers have come up with Juttis of all colours to match your outfit. 

Buy Affordable Kids Footwear Online from Meesho 

At Meesho, we understand that every child has different choices, and our huge collection of kids’ footwear caters to the different moods and likes of all kids. Sports shoes, ballerina sandals, crocs, traditional footwear: you want it, and we have it. Depending on the occasion, you might want to invest in the right kind of shoes. Are you going on a holiday to the mountains? We have the right type of shoe that fits for a mountain trail. Want something to match your kid’s party wear? Our collection of party footwear is sure to please you. Whatever be the occasion or need, we have something for you. 

Kids’ footwear price at Meesho is reasonable to make sure you are not breaking your bank buying trendy footwear for your kids. Shop for all the latest kids’ footwear online and bring home happiness with Meesho. 


What is the starting price for Kids Footwear?

The typical starting price for Kids Footwear is Rs. 100. However, they come in a number of price ranges, depending on the quality of the fabric and the work. You can browse over 6096 Kids Footwear on Meesho.

What are some of the alternatives to Kids Footwear?

Here are some of the most popular alternative options to Kids Footwear: Girl's Footwear, लड़कियों के जूते,

How can I buy Kids Footwear online?

You can browse over 6096 options for Kids Footwear online on Meesho. We offer free delivery, cash on delivery and hassle free returns on all of our orders.

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