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Bandhani Dupattas

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More About Bandhani Dupattas

Bandhani Dupatta, also known as Jaipuri Bandhej Dupatta derives its name from the word ‘Bandh’ that literally means to tie. This is a reference to the tie and dye method that is used to make the intriguing square prints on the saree and other outfits.

Every Women Must Own At Least One Pair Of Bandhani Or Bandhej Dupatta

Bandhani Dupattas are colorful and vibrant and portray age-old tradition using intricate artwork. This Dupatta is famous in both Rajasthan and Gujarat but its origin can be traced back to the Khatri community of Gujarat, who practice this art exclusively to this day!

Bandhani Print Dupatta For A Stunning Ethnic Outfit 

Bandhani is a beautiful form of artwork that is mainly made through tie-dye and printed on textiles. It is done by applying a base colour dye coat and then plucking the cloth with fingernails to form decorative and abstract designs into several tiny bindings. Bandhani is a Sanskrit term that derives itself from “Bandh,” which means root or tie. The Bandhani dupatta has become very famous across India and the world because of its simplicity, ease of wearing, and complex patterns. It has become one of the most preferred prints even for non-resident Indians who want an Indian touch on their outfits. 

How is Bandhani different from Bandhej?

Arising from the same family, Bandhani and Bandhej both found their origins in Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Punjab regions of India. They are represented not just by the tie-dye design but also by the dots. In many parts of the country, Bandhani is known as Bandhej. Thus both Bandhani dupattas and Bandhej dupattas are equally well known. 

Styling the Bandhani Dupatta

You can pair up Bandhani dupattas with simple solid colour kurtas or with printed kurtas alike. Many women even prefer to wear Bandhani/Bandhej dupatta with their wedding outfits. They wear them over and above their Ghagra to cover their heads. Culturally, these bandhani dupattas are also widely worn during festivals like Garba, Diwali, and even at various religious functions and events by Indian women. 

Have you seen an Indian man innovatively sporting a Bandhani? Do you know about the “Pagri” or the “Safa”? These are usually worn by Rajasthani or Gujrati men - the local farmers and the rich alike. You will notice that many such men also sport these Safas at weddings, which are nothing but the Bandhani dupatta tied around their head securely - this is popularly worn in an array of colours - from the original reds and pinks to even blues and greens. 

Bandhani Dupatta Online in India

You can easily find the Bandhani dupatta online, or the Bandhej dupatta on digital platforms like Meesho. Meesho offers a wide selection of Bandhani dupattas that are ready to wear. You can quickly purchase one online and have it delivered to you in no time. Are you worried that the Bandhani dupatta rice online may be out of your budget? In that case, you haven’t checked out Meesho yet! Meesho has a great range of affordable and budget Bandhani dupatta designs available to choose from. 

We have put together a list of some great Bandhani dupatta options, so take your pick and order one now - 

  • Silk Blend

This excellent silk-blend Bandhani dupatta online is available in many colours and comes with a thick gold/ silver border. This set is a multipack of 2 dupattas and is free size. You can easily wear at any occasion - the simple design makes it perfectly usable for a workday or to even wear at home. 

  • Bandhej Dupatta

This trendy silk Bandhej dupatta comes in a royal peacock blue colour with a nice gold and pink stripe border. It also has red tassels - if this is your style, then go for it because it’s also currently on discount! Want a different colour? The dupatta comes in lime green, bright orange, dark charcoal, and teal colours - this wide selection makes it a wonderful gift to give to someone else, or even to yourself! 

  • Stylish Bandhani for everyday wear

Looking for a simple Bandhani dupatta online that can be worn with your everyday outfits? Need something just to throw on to convert a simple Indian outfit into a stunning one? Get this Bandhani dupatta design now. This is made of art silk and has a length of about 2.25 m. It comes in a gorgeous bright red colour and makes a wonderful statement piece when worn. 

  • Traditional Rajasthani

Are you tired of searching for something a little less modern and a little more traditional and conventional? This pure blend Rajasthani Bandhani dupatta will give you the traditional feel in its original bright orange colour! It also comes in green, yellow, pink, and red. It is the perfect Bandhani dupatta to pair with a simple white kurta or with other colours. 

  • Classy Bandhani Style

Are you searching for a great classy Bandhani dupatta? Look no further. This option is a wonderful mix of blue, yellow, and red! It has the Bandhani style dots made in a cool way, and the best part is, instead of sporting a single colour, it allows you to adorn a whole rainbow! There are other colour options available too - pink and red, yellow, red and green, pink and yellow, and one with orange, red and green! Take your pick from one of these exciting colour palettes. 

  • Kalyani Rajasthani Taffeta Bandhej Dupatta 

Are you looking for a Bandhej dupatta that has some work done on it? Have you ever heard of the “Gota” style print? This Bandhej dupatta is a perfect match for someone who wants a slightly darker colour. It comes in black colour with a contrasting gold, pink, and orange border. The Gota print or the tiny dots design gives it an interesting traditional touch. Want to explore some other colours? This Bandhej dupatta is also available in maroon, peacock blue, and orange. 

  • Rajasthani Art Silk Bandhej Dupatta

Want a simple Bandhej dupatta that can be elegantly paired with a subtle brown or beige kurta and churidar? Are you looking for something comfortable and casual that can be worn to work or even worn to an informal house visit to some relatives? This Bandhej dupatta is orange and red, so it has a mix of tradition but looks great paired with a straight cut kurta and heels. Like all other dupattas, it is free size with a floor-length of 2.25 m. You can’t go wrong with this Bandhani dupatta design as it will promise to make you look great. 

Checkout Meesho’s collection of Bandhani Dupatta design

Meesho is a wonderful digital platform where you can find Indian’s largest selection of clothing, accessories, and other kinds of apparel. On Meesho, you can easily find many Bandhani or Bandhej dupattas that can be ordered in an instant and delivered even quicker—looking to style yourself for a family event, function, or wedding? Want to purchase a set of Bandhani dupattas for an event and need them in bulk? Log onto the Meesho app or website, and start your Bandhani dupatta search now. Browse through many styles and designs to find one that suits you best! 


How can I shop for Bandhani Dupattas on Meesho?

Shopping for Bandhani Dupattas on Meesho is very simple. All you have to do is browse our latest Bandhani Dupattas collection on the website, add the products you like to your cart, fill out your details and choose from multiple payment methods available.

What are some advantages of buying Bandhani Dupattas from Meesho?

You can browse from a wide range of options for Bandhani Dupattas online on Meesho. We offer the lowest prices, free delivery, COD, and hassle-free returns on all of our orders.

How many product categories are there on Meesho?

Our range of 650+ product categories includes the latest clothing for men, women and kids, cosmetics, home and kitchen items, electronics and more.

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