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More About Curtains

Using curtains is a great way of protecting your house from overexposure to sunlight and ensuring privacy. But this essential home furnishing item does not have to be merely functional. You can get creative with your curtain designs to change the look of your decor.

Modern Curtain Designs For Modern Homes

From sheer to heavy opaque curtains, you have the option to choose a simple or a luxurious design depending on the overall decor theme of your house as well as your personal preferences. A practical, fuss-free way of enhancing the beauty of any room in your home, a beautiful curtain can give your home just the right dose of sophistication.So shop for modern and beautiful curtains online on Meesho at unbeliveable low prices.

Decorate Your Home With Alluring Curtain Designs

Looking forward to jazzing up the otherwise monotonous and boring atmosphere of your living room, bedroom, your kid’s room, nursery, or balcony area? If you are not mentally or financially willing to make any major changes and repairs, simply start by experimenting with curtains. Curtains, though underrated, have the power to revamp the entire look of a room, making it appear more chic, comfortable, and cozy. It is about time you added some liveliness and an oomph factor to your house with alluring curtains designs to make your space look lovely and sophisticated.

Some Important Things To Remember While Shopping For Curtains

Curtains have the power to either make or break the outlook of your home. A good curtain does wonders to elevate the overall ambiance of your home and make it look more elegant and put together. Meesho offers a neverending range of stunning curtains for all your home decorating needs. But we know how overwhelming it can get to shop for the right curtains, therefore, here are some amazing tips that will help you through the process.

Fabric Of The Curtains

One of the most essential factors when it comes to buying curtains is its fabric. It is the fabric of the curtains that decides it’s durability and how it will function as time passes. A curtain that is too heavy will face difficulties while folding and will not give you the perfect fold, while a curtain that is too light will look lanky and cease to give you the perfect falls. It is always advisable to pleat your curtains from the top so that they resemble an accordion, this will help the curtain retain the perfect shape and fall. Some of the ultimate fabrics for curtains include silk, velvet, and linen.

Color Of The Curtains

If you have huge windows that get a lot of sunlight, it is always advisable to go with curtains that are not very bright and vibrant in color as sunlight fades colors with time. Curtains look fantastic when they are chosen according to the color of the room but if you are not sure what to go with, it is always better to opt for curtains in neutral colors. Neutral colored curtains easily blend with the interiors and the design of a room mix well with it.

Length Of The Curtains

It is the length of the window that determines the length of the curtains that is to go up in the room. Adoring small windows with full-sized curtains does not make sense and ruins the entire aesthetic appeal of the place. Instead while shopping for curtains for small windows go with curtains that are a few inches longer than the window. It is always a better idea to add a couple of inches in the width of the curtains to get that perfect Instagram worthy drapes.

Lining Of The Curtains

For people who are light sleepers, the lining of the curtains is a very important thing. Big windows and curtains with cheap lining do not go well together as they will allow too much light to pass through. Go with high-quality curtains with superior lining, one of the most common and popular one being - blackout curtains. These curtains are made with high-quality fabric as well as lining as they help block out all the light that comes from outside.

Latest And The Most Popular Fabric Options For Curtain Designs

Silk Curtains

One of the most popular and trending curtain fabrics of all times, silk curtains radiate an aura of luxury like no other curtain fabrics. Since silk fabric is considerably on the heavier side, they make the perfect drapes for any curtains. But silk is a fabric that is very prone to sun damage and loses its color very quickly. So, if you have huge windows, it is better to opt for a more sensible fabric or attach a curtain lining in order to protect your curtains.

Cotton Curtains

Available in a myriad of colors, prints, styles, and sizes, cotton curtains are extremely versatile and durable. They give you very clean, fresh, and almost perfect looking drapes and can be customized as per your wish. While shopping for cotton curtains, it is essential to remember that since they are a very light fabric, it is important to put in a lining to block the sun as well as get good-looking drapes.

Velvet Curtains

Perfect for a grand and fancy looking living room, velvet curtains exude a sense of royalty and remind you of the Victorian era. Since they are very heavy curtains, they are best used in places that are cold and chilly as they block out cold air and help keep the room warm.

Linen Curtains

Going for a more relaxed and homely look? Opt for a pair of linen curtains that will make your space appear cool, breezy, and relaxed.

Buy The Latest Curtain Designs Online From Meesho At Unbelievable Prices

In Meesho, there are many alluring and stunning curtain designs that you might want to check out online. You will find thousands of innovative styles on Meesho for every budget. Opt for the latest designs of curtains in stunning and high-quality at affordable prices to make the most out of decorating your home. Browse online and find the perfect fabric, color, print, length that will help you make your home more aesthetically pleasing.

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