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More About Maang Tikka

Maang Tikkas are eternal classics for Indian wedding looks. It is believed that wearing a Mang Tikka can protect one from bad luck and the evil eye. They are popularly worn, not just by the bride but also the bridesmaids and wedding guests. Traditionally made of gold or silver, Mangtikas are now available in different materials and designs.

Ace The Traditional Look With Classy Maang Tikkas

While most women prefer to go for designs that match with other jewelry pieces like earrings and necklaces, you can stand out from the crowd by wearing a statement-making Mangtika with your ethnic outfit. With a plethora of options to choose from, the only challenge you will face is getting just one!

All You Need To Know About Gold Maang Tikka Designs

To ace the perfect bridal or wedding look, every aspect of your outfit should be impeccable and it should all come together seamlessly. Among all the different types of jewelry that a bride wears on her wedding day, the Maang Tikka is the most prominent and impactful. But even though Maang Tikkas can make your face look elegant and lovely, the wrong one can also ruin your entire look.

This is why you need to pay the utmost attention to what type of design you are choosing. It should frame your face perfectly and also enhance the look of your outfit and other jewelry pieces. But it cannot be too heavy or you will be uncomfortable all evening. Here are some of the best designs that Indian women are going crazy for:

Kundan Maang Tikka

If there is one trusted Maang Tikka type among Indian women, it is this! Kundan Maang tikkas have a traditional appeal that is unmatched. They are truly a work of art. They can be relied upon to look good no matter what outfit you are wearing. They can be worn with a simple Kanjeevaram saree as well.

Floral Maang Tikka

A floral Maang Tikka is usually made of metal with flowery white beads and crystals embedded to create a floral design. This design looks great with all outfits and enhances the look of your face. You can go for any material you want, even though gold remains the most popular choice among women. Floral Maang Tikkas are a must for South Indian brides and even wedding guests wear them to the wedding function with their saree or Lehenga outfits.

Oversized Maatha Patti Maang Tikka

As the name suggests, these Maang Tikkas have a prominent design that draws attention due to the size of the Tikka. Usually, they cover a large part of the forehead and have additional strings on both sides which are secured in the hair behind the ears. These Maang Tikkas are especially worn by Punjabi women during their weddings or functions. You do not have to wear heavy ornaments when wearing this piece.

Simple Maang Tikka Designs

If you are a bridesmaid looking for the perfect Maang Tikka to add some glamour to your look without going over the top, this is just perfect for you. These Maang Tikka designs usually have a single strang and a small petal-shaped pendant on the forehead. The pendant is the focal point of this design and can be ornamented with stones and crystals. You can get these Maang Tikkas in oxidized metal, gold, or sterling silver to get the most out of the look.

The Right Maang Tikka Designs For Different Face Shapes

Not all Maang Tikkas are made equal. No matter whether you are apprehensive about choosing a design or you just want to try something unique but flattering, this guide will help you make the right choice. Read through to know which designs look good on which face shapes.

Round Face: For those who have a round face, a simple Maang Tikka which is not overly ornamented is best. The broche should be oval or square-shaped to complement the roundness of your face. This will add some length and definition while highlighting your forehead.

Oval Face Shapes: If you have an oval face, consider yourself lucky. Oval face shapes are symmetrical and proportionate, You will look good no matter which design you pick. Try a chunky vintage style Maang Tikka made of precious metals like gold and silver to look unique and stylish.

Square Face Shapes: The characterizing features of people with a square face are prominent cheekbones and jawline. If you want to soften those features a little using your jewelry, choose around shaped Maang Tikka. This will add some fullness to your cheeks, If you have a large forehead, go for a bigger pendant and vice versa.

Heart Shapes Faces: Those who have a heart-shaped face have a narrow pointed chin and wide cheekbones. Since the upper half of your face is wider, go for big pendants and prominent designs. This will add some length while hiding the width. Rajasthani Maang Tikkas and Maatha Pattis are perfect for you.

Oblong Face: This face shape is longer than it is wide. If you have an oblong face, go for angular and oval-shaped pendants that fall exactly at the center of your forehead. Instead of large ones, choose delicate designs that have multiple strings. To complement your Maang Tikka perfectly, choose heavy Jhumka earrings that match the overall theme of your look.

Latest Designs Of Gold And Silver Plated Bridal Jewellery Online

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