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More About deodrants

Reduce your sweat and ordor this summer season using deodorants and smell as well as feel fresh throughout the day. Deodorants are a godsend during the summer as well as any other season because they can successfully stop you from having that annoying and disgusting sweat ordors.

Explore Our Range Of Deodrants Online And Smell Fresh 24/7

Believe it or not everyone needs a deodorant. They contain several antimicrobial agents that can successfully mask the nasty sweat stench and keep you from smelling bad. Shop For deodorants of top brands online only at Meesho. We offer a variety of deodorants like nowhere else.

Deodorants Online for Everyday Use

Deodorants are not particularly new in the market, but this one source of fragrance has never gone out of sight, and it’s for a reason. When we live in a time when wellness and hygiene are escalating, it becomes important for us to take care of how we smell. People have different reasons to use deodorants. Some want to smell like flowers, and others just want to overpower the natural odour of their armpits. Whatever the case is, we all need a deodorant. If you think you don’t, let us give you some reasons.

Why Should You Opt for Deodorants?

Deodorants Enhance mood and confidence

One of the major reasons why people choose to put fragrances on their body is that it makes the mood better and boosts confidence. Just like good dresses and accessories make you feel good about yourself, fragrances do the same to you. They boost confidence and let you shine better.

Also, different fragrances, deodorants, and perfumes help you project your mood better. With floral notes, you are playful, and with strong fragrances, you show your empowered mood. So choose your fragrance and let people smell your mood.

Deodorants trigger memories

Okay, most people would relate to it but never acknowledge this as one of the reasons to wear fragrances. People associate others with their fragrances, and keeping one scent constant in your life helps people relate you to a particular fragrance. After years, if they come across that particular fragrance, they immediately think of you.

So, what fragrance would you choose for yourself?

Deodorants make you attractive

Don’t we all know that smell is one of our five basic senses? It helps you attract or repel people. Hence, bad odour makes people stay away from you, and attractive fragrances make you attractive. Deodorants and perfumes help you achieve the task, and you can smell as seductive and as playful as you want.

How to Choose a Deodorant?

Considering options from various deodorants 

Depending on what your issue is, you should be considering options in terms of what fragrance you would want to put on your body and which one appeals to you. If you are going out to buy deodorant, make sure you know why you want to buy one. Is it your sweating issue or you just want to smell good all the time or if you want to keep things natural?

Look at the ingredients of the deodorant

Consider taking a look at the ingredients that a deodorant contains, especially if you are particular about understanding what you are applying to your body. You should be choosing the ones that are aluminum-free as it blocks your sweat glands and interferes in the natural process of your body. Also, the deodorants that have natural active ingredients would help you fight underarm odour. 

Keep away from deodorants that have toxins.

Now that we are talking about the ingredients, any deodorant that has unhealthy synthetic ingredients can be harmful not just for your skin but your body system. Some toxins interfere with your hormones and can even help the growth of cancer cells in men and women. Hence, stay away from any deodorant that has parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals or any other harmful chemicals.

How long-lasting is the deodorant

If the deodorants you are choosing don’t last long, you are going to have a lot of empty bottles just by the end of the first month. A good long-lasting perfume should help you smell good for at least 2-3 months. Also, choose the ones that don’t make you sticky and are smooth on your skin.

Find a deodorant for your skin type

It is important to know what kind of skin type you have and then get online to buy a suitable deodorant. If you choose something that doesn’t suit your skin, you will be risking your skin to irritation and other skin related issues.

Reviews Tell the truth.

Always go through the reviews before adding your deodorant to your cart. The deodorants online can be a dupe of the original one. Hence, it is important to know that the product you are investing in is genuine. Giving a read to the reviews is a must. 

How To Apply Deodorant to your body?

We have all been struggling with the deodorant stains on our clothes and sometimes due to our negligence; we end up getting marks on our bodies because we don’t know how to apply deodorant correctly. Once you have decided that you are a spray woman, make sure you follow these three steps before applying your favourite fragrance.

  • Shake it
  • Keep the right distance
  • A short spray

If you do it the right way, you will be free from stains on clothes and spray hickeys on your body.

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It is always difficult to analyze all options of deodorants in one place. But, Meesho is what makes things possible for you. A collection that you won’t find anywhere else and limitless options are what Meesho brings to you. From your usual branded deodorants to unique Ittars, Meesho has all you need to satiate your needs of smelling beautiful, all the time.

Latest Deodorants For Boosting Your Confidence

Each season, there are new deodorants in the market, and who doesn’t want the latest ones in their vanity? At Meesho, we make sure to have all the latest fragrances on our shelves. With a distinctive and drawing aroma, Meesho has everything you’d want to smell like. From soothing fragrances to strong ones, our catalogs are stocked up with the latest deodorants.

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Still haven’t found your fragrance? Well, Meesho is one place where you would find all the fragrances, and you can choose from endless options. Keeping all budgets in mind, Meesho will help you find your match. It’s time to order all kinds of fragrances for all your moods.

With different brands on one platform, you will be looking at all possible options you can find in the market. This online world of Meesho will be your saviour with the latest deodorants and at the best prices.


What is the starting price for Deodorants?

The typical starting price for Deodorants is Rs. 100. However, they come in a number of price ranges, depending on the quality of the fabric and the work. You can browse over 637 Deodorants on Meesho.

What are some of the alternatives to Deodorants?

Here are some of the most popular alternative options to Deodorants: Cleanser, Cc Cream, Perfume, Face Scrub, Perfume For Men,

How can I buy Deodorants online?

You can browse over 637 options for Deodorants online on Meesho. We offer free delivery, cash on delivery and hassle free returns on all of our orders.

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