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More About Men Dhoti Kurta

Men’s Dhoti Kurtas have been around for a long time. But the recent revival of interest in men’s ethnic fashion has brought up a plethora of new and trendy designs of Dhoti Kurtas for men. Available in a variety of fabric, colours and patterns, this trendy outfit will give you a unique and charming look. So start shopping for your favourite designs in men’s Dhoti Kurtas from Meesho now at affordable prices.

Ace That Traditional Look With Dhoti Kurta for Men

The dhoti kurta for mens fashion is a unique style statement with ethnic Indian wear. We have seen this attire dawned on by Indian men for generations. What started as the go-to every-day clothing in the early 80s has warped into a fashion statement in the present day.

No photo of the pre-independent era is complete without the sight of sharply dressed men; prudently sporting the dhoti kurta. Today dhoti kurta for men's wedding attire and ethnic, social gatherings is a widely used option. If you notice, the earliest photos of the Mahatma Gandhi himself are the dhoti kurta for men.

This clothing choice is a perfect balance of the classy and straightforward design. It comprises a long cloth wrapped around each leg to mimic a really baggy pant—the top covered with a traditional kurta that complements the dhoti.

How to Style with Dhoti Kurtas

Dhoti kurta for men

This kurta adds a hint of versatility to the outfit as they can be both long or short in length. This top can also be of different sleeves sizes, materials or designs. Dhoti kurta for menswear is customisable and mixed and matched to any need and liking. This quality makes it a perfect fit for any ethnic or traditional gathering.

Dhoti kurta for boys

If you're looking to style your younger friends in traditional ways, this is a perfect choice to make any boy the centre of attention. The dhotis come in the form of ready-made pants that can be fastened with an elastic for kids. They ensure the kids are comfortable and don't need to battle complex cloth-folds.

Dhoti kurta for boys also comes in many bright colours and patterns; giving parents a vast selection to choose from. 

Must-Try Fashion Statements with the Dhoti Kurta for Men

Go Bright

When dressing in dhoti kurta for men's wedding or any other functions, use bright colours to your advantage. Pick colors like yellow, red, maroon, blue for the kurta to make them pop. You can pair them with the traditional white dhoti for a perfect classy look.

Pick The Mono colours

Another way to class up your look is by sticking to a single colour scheme. This outfit will suit you better for an evening gathering like a party, or a reception dinner indoors. This is the use of similar shades to create a consistent look. For example, you can use a dark grey kurta, with a light grey dhoti. Or a white dhoti with a beige kurta. This is a perfect pick with dhoti kurta for boys.

Add That Layer.

A simple Dhoti kurta for mens that looks very elegant is the use of a Nehru jacket. The jacket also allows you to play with colours and patterns; while still wearing a simple single-coloured kurta. The Nehru jacket should ideally be the same or similar colours as the dhoti to make the perfect look.

Prints and Patterns.

A Dhoti kurta for men's look with playful designs and prints is the new in-thing. Some come with abstract designs and colours that make each kurta unique from the other. The patterns can also be found on the Nehru jacket; making them an incredible add-on.

Replace the Kurta

If you are looking to stand-out and do something different, this is the outfit for you. You can replace the kurta with a jacket or a sherwani top. This look allows you to wear your boots or leather shoes for a completely different appearance.

Best Fabrics For Dhoti Kurta For Men's Fashion

Fabrics For Dhoti

A dhoti that is part of the dhoti kurta for men's wedding outfit or other looks must have a fall and the flow to look presentable. A stiff dhoti will look unflattering and usually wrinkle throughout usage. The most commonly used material for a dhoti is silk, lycra, and cotton-polyester blend.

The dhoti's material need not be the same as that of the kurta or the jacket you use. The mix and match of material are perfectly acceptable. You can also buy these as a set or by each of the elements individually.

Fabrics For Kurta

The kurta can ideally be picked based on the occasions and the comfort of use. The cotton kurta is a no-brainer, and the blend feels great against the skin. If you are looking for a more fluid and elegant look, you can always opt for a silk-blend kurta.

Some kurtas come with designs like floral prints, geometric prints and embroideries that enhance the style quotient. These are, however, very acquired tastes and take a certain level of confidence to pull off.

Finding The Perfect Dhoti Kurta For Men

The beauty of a kurta is that they come in many fits, and each one of them looks just as elegant. If you are someone with an above-average built then a fitted kurta will look the best on you. However, if you have a lean body, then a loose kurta will fit you best. This fit will make you look slightly more built. Ensure you check the kurta's fit on your shoulders; nothing is more unflattering than a saggy top.

The dhoti can be both a wrap-around or bought as a pre-made pant. Check the length of the dhoti and ensure it reaches till the top of your heel.

You can pair this dhoti kurta for boys or men with a pair of slippers, kolhapuri sandals or slip-on fabric shoes. One can also choose accessories with wrist bands, jackets and a stole. If your traditional occasion requires you to dawn a turban, then match your dhoti and the turban with similar colour shade for the perfect dhoti kurta for mens wedding look.

Lastly, if you are dressing for the pick to bring colours, find muted or sober colours for an evening. The dhoti kurta is a perfect look for any occasion and will grab all the eyeballs if done right.

Explore Our Incredible Collections of Dhoti Kurta for Mens Fashion.

Once you know exactly what you are looking for the perfect outfit will be easy to pick. Our large collections will spoil you for choice, so take your time and find that perfect look for your occasion. On Meesho, we have the perfect look for every person, every colour, and every gathering. 


How can I shop for Men Dhoti Kurta on Meesho?

Shopping for Men Dhoti Kurta on Meesho is very simple. All you have to do is browse our latest Men Dhoti Kurta collection on the website, add the products you like to your cart, fill out your details and choose from multiple payment methods available.

What are some advantages of buying Men Dhoti Kurta from Meesho?

You can browse from a wide range of options for Men Dhoti Kurta online on Meesho. We offer the lowest prices, free delivery, COD, and hassle-free returns on all of our orders.

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Our range of 650+ product categories includes the latest clothing for men, women and kids, cosmetics, home and kitchen items, electronics and more.

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