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Make a fashion statement this season with our premium casual shoes for women. Casual shoes for women are known for their comfort, luxury, and convenience and are dominating the fashion world smoothly. Extremely versatile, women鈥檚 casual shoes can be mixed and matched with any outfit easily.

Shop For The Best Casual Shoes For Women Online At Best Price

Mostly used for while playing sports and walking, women鈥檚 casual shoes are slowly entering the mainstream fashion scene as they look extremely edgy and stylish. If you do not already own a pair of women鈥檚 casual shoes, get yourself one today. We offer a huge selection of high-quality women鈥檚 casual shoes.

Women's Casual Shoes To Look Ravishing Without many efforts

The exhaustive range of women's casual shoes that is available in the market makes it tough for any woman to pick just one. Today, there are casual shoes for every occasion, every outfit, and more. So, whether you are looking for women's shoes & boots for Indian attire or a western cocktail outfit, you will find the perfect pair on Meesho. The women's boots online on Meesho are of superb quality and pocket-friendly too. 


Traditionally, the boot is a type of footwear that covers the entire feet as well as the lower part of the leg. Boots are great for winters.


Shoes, on the other hand, could be anything that covers just the feet. Shoes can be categorized into casual, sports, and more. In India, shoes are more popular than boots. However, in winter, boots become a fashion trend. 

Women Casual Shoes Available Online for every mood

If you are someone who dresses as per your mood, then you are going to need several pairs of women's shoes. Now, the hunt for the latest women's casual shoes price ends at Meesho. 

You can get women's casual shoes online for yourself or for reselling them to your friends and acquaintances. 

Romantic date

Judge a man by the shoes he wears, they say. Well, if he follows the same logic, then you ought to be prepared. If you are going on your first date, then you need something classy yet chill. Choose soft subtle colors and avoid any kind of bling. Pastel shades are trending, and that’s why make it to our list of the latest casual shoes.


Picnics would mean long walks and running around. In this situation, opt for sports shoes from the latest women's shoes. The shoes that you pick for your picnic should be sturdy because if they break midway, then it will ruin the entire fun of your picnic. 

Birthday party

It’s time to rise and shine, girl! If you are picking women's shoes & boots for your birthday, then you can go all out and choose something that is as bling as your personality. And if you are selecting a pair for your friend’s birthday, then choose any pair from the latest women boots category on Meesho. 

Auspicious occasion

If you are looking for women's shoes for a pooja function, then Rajasthani Mojari or Juttis would be the best pick. On Meesho, you get a wide range of colours and several design patterns in women shoes & boots online category. 


If it is for your wedding, then it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and that’s why you should only wear the latest women shoes & boots. Match the footwear with your attire and rock your wedding. If you are choosing footwear for someone else’s wedding, then you can go with that that are affordable yet stylish. Make sure you wear the shoes once before the main event to check for comfort and fit. 

Types of Women Casual Shoes Online: 

Sneakers: If you are someone who loves women's shoes, then you ought to include a pair of sneakers in your collection. Sneakers are comfortable and low maintenance. White, pastel-coloured sneakers are trending. Find them on Meesho at affordable prices.

Slip-on casual shoes: Raise your hand if you hate tying laces. Then, slip-on casual shoes are just perfect for you. As the name suggests, this type of women's shoes & boots come with no lace. It is simple to wear, effortlessly stylish, and super comfortable.

Heels: You might be surprised to know that every woman short or tall often goes for heels to look edgy.

Sports shoes: Sports shoes are great for anyone who tends to walk a lot throughout the day or is into any kind of sports. Some even choose sports shoes for their everyday workout.

Wedges: Heels can be uncomfortable, but wedges are super comfy and elegant at the same time. Wedges are great for day parties or lunch get-togethers with friends.

Ankle boots: If you are new to boots, then you should start with ankle boots. They are more like shoes, yet with the feel of boots. This type of boot can help you get used to the idea of long boots.

Gym shoes: Within the women's casual shoes online category, there are several sub-categories as well. One such type of shoe for women is gym shoes. These shoes offer superior flexibility and comfort. Usually, they come with quick-dry technology. Head to Meesho to know shoes & boots prices.

Flip flops: This one needs no description. A chill pair of footwear that every woman must own. And in this case, just one is not enough. If you are planning to visit any beach soon, then pick a bright-coloured flip-flop.

JuttiJutti is not just a pair of footwear, but also a fashion statement. Goes perfectly with any ethnic attire and is super comfortable. A traditional Jutti is made of leather; however, several artists across India now make Juttis with different materials and embellishments. Some Juttis are just so pretty that they are tough to miss. Some types of Juttis available on Meesho would include stonework Juttis, backless Juttis, printed Juttis, Ghungroo Juttis, and more. Find Juttis in the women's shoe section.

Calf boots: Want to make a lasting impression, then wear a pair of denim with a solid top and calf boots. We bet you will fetch a lot of compliments. These boots become a winter fashion trend every year in India. To find out the price of this and other women's boots, check out the Meesho app. 

Buy Latest Women Shoes & Boots Online from Meesho

Depending on your style, preference, and budget, you can decide which one or which ones are going to be yours. Remember, while style is important, comfort is also imperative. Before buying any pair of women's shoes online, you must check your size and fit the description. What are you waiting for? Head to the Meesho app now and start shopping! You can even become a reseller and earn by selling women's casual shoes online.


What is the starting price for Women Casual Shoes?

The typical starting price for Women Casual Shoes is Rs. 200. However, they come in a number of price ranges, depending on the quality of the fabric and the work. You can browse over 3724 Women Casual Shoes on Meesho.

What are some of the alternatives to Women Casual Shoes?

Here are some of the most popular alternative options to Women Casual Shoes: Footwear, जूते, जूते, Women Footwear Store,

How can I buy Women Casual Shoes online?

You can browse over 3724 options for Women Casual Shoes online on Meesho. We offer free delivery, cash on delivery and hassle free returns on all of our orders.

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