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More About Incense Sticks

Uplift The Ambiance of Your Home with Incense Sticks

The Sanskrit name for these sticks is 'Agarbatti' which literally means 'Incense Stick'. Considering how long humans have been using these incense sticks, a lot of myths and folklore have sprung up around these sticks. One of the most popular ones is that they are believed to ward off evil spirits! It's a popular belief that just being in the same room as these sticks will give you protection from negative energies. A similar belief to this one is that the incense sticks improve the smell of the environment and soothe the mind. Scientific research shows that there might be some truth to these beliefs as well!

Incense Sticks for Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has become a popular practice of using natural oils and herbs to improve your quality of life and mental health. While using essential oils, people inhale the scents, which can improve their quality of life. One tool used to spread the scent is incense. These are long sticks of wood or bamboo that can be lit to spread the scent. In India, incense has been used as a method of purification for centuries. It's also been commonly used to spread scent during religious ceremonies and festivals. Nowadays, it's often used to spread the scent of all kinds of scents and smells. It's also a common practice for people to carry incense with them when they're going to their homes or to their friends' houses.

Incense Sticks for Religious Use

Agarbattis are used in religious ceremonies as well. It is believed that if one carries the fragrance of agarbattis, it is considered to be a blessing. Agarbattis come in a wide range of fragrances. They can be bought in stores or ordered online. Buy the one that appeals to you the most. Agarbattis can also be used to purify the air in your home. It is believed that agarbattis are capable of purifying 13,000 square feet of air. Sprinkle a few in every room and your home will smell like perfume!

Different Types of Incense Sticks and Fragrances

With incense sticks, there is no need to worry about it harming your family or pets as it is a simple way to lighten up the air! Incense sticks are scent-infused charcoal that burns from one end. Most incense sticks come in a variety of different scents to choose from. One of the most popular scents are sandalwood. There are many different kinds of sandalwood scents. Some are ancient while others are more modern. They vary in color and consistency. Some are light and fluffy while others are dark and tough. They can even vary in how long they burn for. Most incense sticks last between 20 to 30 minutes. Of course, the length of time they burn depends on the size of the stick. Some are thin while others are thick. Some are small while others are long. Although many people enjoy the aroma of incense sticks, it is not recommended to be used in small, enclosed spaces for long periods of time. There are many other different scents that you can choose from. If you are looking for a unique smell, you should browse and see which one you like the most!

Apart from sandalwood, other floral fragrances like lily and jasmine are very popular in agarbattis. In fact, a lot of people prefer lily and jasmine incense sticks over other types as they are cheaper, gentle to the nose and have a more unique aroma. Incense sticks made from these flowers are more popular because they can be used on a daily basis without giving any side effects.

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