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Jacquard Blouse

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More About Jacquard Blouse
A jacquard blouse can be the perfect alternate to the traditional saree blouse. These blouses make use of a jacquard fabric, usually with abstract designs and bright pops of color, which offer a simpler style as compared to other silhouettes such as bright sequined or embroidered blouses or saree blouses that may be embellished with zari work to really make the look pop

Dress Like a Celebrity With the Premium Jacquard Blouses

Jacquard blouses are made from the machine loom of the same name. Generally, they are heavyweight and are known to offer high durability. You can feel authentic with the latest blouses in the market. The patterns on these blouses are woven straight into fabric thus, offering it an appealing look.

These blouses come in different patterns, colours, and clothing materials. Jacquard refers to a technique of making clothes so any clothing material can be used. You can ace traditional Asian dresses by matching them with a designer blouse.

A Blast From the Past About Jacquard Blouses

Jacquard fabric first originated in France and has been in trend since then. In 1804, Joseph Marie Jacquard invented a mechanical loom. The machine loom was able to weave patterns straight to a fabric. The machine loom was later on named after its inventor, i.e., Jacquard.

Joseph Marie Jacquard used punched-card technology to design his machine. Later on, the punched-card technology proved to be vital for the electronic computing industry. The jacquard machine gained more popularity when Herman Hollerith predicted the outcome of the 1890 census using the punched-card technology. Since then, the jacquard fabric is used to make clothes for men and women.

Variants of Jacquard Blouse

V-neck Blouse

As the name suggests, a V-neck blouse leaves some open space around your neck. It is perfect for the summer season where you cannot afford tight clothing.

Full-neck Blouse

A full-neck or bottleneck blouse will cover most of your neck. Some of the best blouses in the market have foldable collars.

Long-sleeve Blouse

A full-sleeveblouse will cover your arms and shoulders. It is perfect for outdoor purposes and winter seasons.

Sweetheart Blouse

With a neckline shaped like a heart, a sweetheart blouse will step up your style game.

How to Wear a Jacquard Blouse Like a Pro?

For Formal Outings

For formal outings, you can choose a V-neck or bottleneckblouse.

For Informal Outings

A sweetheart blouse with a matching saree would be perfect for an informal outing.

For Official Purposes

You can match a long-sleeve blouse with a saree of the same colour for a sophisticated look.

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How can I shop for Jacquard Blouse on Meesho?

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