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More About Maroon Sofa Covers
Meesho offers excellent Maroon Sofa Covers for your home. Our vast collection includes various designs, colours and quality to suit your need. You can even explore other products to complement your Maroon Sofa Covers and make your home & kitchen look sleek.

Give Your Sofas a New Look With Maroon Sofa Covers

A sofa cover can change the look of your sofa completely. If your sofa is old and does not offer a great look, you can make it look brand new with a sofa cover. Sofa covers are used in many households to protect the furniture from weathering. Covers are important to keep dust particles away from your furniture.

If you have pets in your house, you can place a cover on your sofa to protect them from scratches. The latest maroon sofa covers in the market can lend an exquisite look to your furniture. 

Maroon is said to be the colour of dreamers and achievers. Maroon is also associated with adults and experience. You can place maroon sofa covers in your room to catch the attention of guests. Sofa covers are also beneficial in offices that experience many customers daily. Your office sofas will be protected from dirt and foreign particles brought by customers.

The designer maroon sofa covers can be a valuable addition to sofas in your living room, guest room, or office. 

Blast From the Past About Sofas

The word ‘sofa’ is derived from the Arabic word ‘suffah’ that means a ‘long bench’. Egypt is credited for beginning the work of upholstery. In ancient Egypt, pharaohs were buried along with their possessions after death. Many items of upholstery were also buried with the pharaoh to make its afterlife comfortable. Seating items similar to sofa were manufactured during the Oak Period (1500-1650). However, the upholstery during the Oak Period didn’t have the extra padding that can be observed in modern-day sofas. 

In the 18th century, sofas were available in the market for sale. Sofa covers have also been used for ages to protect the furniture from weathering. Nowadays, manufacturers are creating maroon sofa covers with detailed patterns.

Types of Sofa Covers 

7-piece Sofa Cover 

 A 7-piece sofa cover will constitute covers for the sofa, pillows, and round table. 

Patterned Sofa Cover 

A patterned cover will have artistic patterns that are eye-catching. 

Simple Sofa Cover 

You can look for a plain sofa cover that has only maroon colour and some prints. 

Buy Maroon Sofa Covers at Meesho

Meesho offers the best sofa covers in the market that will last long. You can look for sofa covers in multiple sizes and designs online. Shop maroon sofa covers online now!


How can I shop for Maroon Sofa Covers on Meesho?

Shopping for Maroon Sofa Covers on Meesho is very simple. All you have to do is browse our latest Maroon Sofa Covers collection on the website, add the products you like to your cart, fill out your details and choose from multiple payment methods available.

What are some advantages of buying Maroon Sofa Covers from Meesho?

You can browse from a wide range of options for Maroon Sofa Covers online on Meesho. We offer the lowest prices, free delivery, COD, and hassle-free returns on all of our orders.

How many product categories are there on Meesho?

Our range of 650+ product categories includes the latest clothing for men, women and kids, cosmetics, home and kitchen items, electronics and more.

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