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Money Box Designs That Are Trending Among Kids

With a great money box comes great responsibility! It is extremely important to teach your kids the importance of saving money and maintaining a budget as early as possible. Gifting a money box to your kids can be a great way to teach them the importance of saving money. While some people prefer to use basic jars and boxes, there is no harm in having a cute little coin bank for each of your kids. In fact, money boxes are not just shaped like pigs anymore. They come in different designs and themes. From adorable animal-shaped ones to classy wooden money boxes, this list has some of the most trending money box designs for 2020.

Classic Money Boxes To Save Some Money

Classic Money Box

Pigs may not know much about saving money, but they sure look adorable. A classic pink piggy bank would be an ideal gift for any child. Give your child a cute little money box like this one to get him/her started on his savings. There are several designs available in the market, choose one in your kid’s favorite color. 

Owl Money Box

Thanks to J.K Rowling, most kids( and adults) love owls. These whimsical, majestic creatures have a fan following of their own. While it may not be practical to get a real, live owl for your child, you can always get a super cute owl shaped coin bank. This colorful design, for instance, will be loved by younger people without a doubt.

Hut Shaped Money Box

These tiny hut shaped money box will be treasured by your kids for years to come. The design is extremely detailed to resemble a real Russian cottage in the countryside. In fact, you can use these banks in your kid’s miniature garden or playset as well. There are several designs available with different themes: rustic, suburban, hillside, etc.

Teddy Bear Piggy Bank

This one is a striking, unique take on the traditional piggy bank designs. Most kids love teddy bears and this money box is made in the shape of a happy little bear that your kid will cherish. It will also look great in a kids room and blend in perfectly with the decor. This works both as a toy and as a coin bank.

Cat Shaped Money Box

Cats versus dogs is a never-ending debate! However, when it comes to money boxes, a cat-shaped one is always the better option. Look at this adorable white ceramic coin bank. The yawning cat is not only true to real life, but it also has enough space to store hundreds of coins at a time. However, with ceramic money boxes, you need to make sure they do not get broken accidentally. You can get one made of unbreakable material in a similar design to avoid any risks.

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