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Orange Blouses

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More About Orange Blouses

For a long time, the color black has been ruling the fashion scene. However, over the last few years, fashion experts switched their attention to bold and bright colors and orange truly emerged as the new black! 

Orange Blouse Designs For A Festive Look

In ethnic fashion, orange sarees and blouses are now taking the center stage and ruling runways and everyday fashion alike. Wearing an orange blouse is the best way to add a bright, vibrant aura to your saree outfit. You can easily mix-and-match these blouses with different sarees. In fact, with so many necklines , sleeves, and back designs to choose from you will be spoilt for choice online on Meesho. So grab them at the best price possible.

Orange blouses, a wardrobe must have! 

Spiritual, energetic and cheerful, orange evokes myriad emotions in us. As a color, it is quite unique; it draws a lot of attention and yet it is a preferred color of buddhist monks. A color of such diverse potential is a must have in every woman’s wardrobe. 

Orange color blouses according to style experts might be a bold choice, but if paired correctly with the right colors, they can transform your look. Contrary to popular opinion, Indian skin tones can carry orange color beautifully, it is just about finding the right shade of orange blouse to suit your skin tone. 

The key is to choose the right orange blouse design that suits your frame, for example, small prints work well on girls who are petite, big bold design works for girls who are lean and tall and small polka dots work their magic on muscular bodies. An orange blouse actually goes with a lot of colors and shades, all you need to do is experiment and find your favorite combination. The range of orange blouses online is mind-boggling and awesome for those of you who are ready to experiment. What’s even more amazing is that orange blouses price fit into any budget. 

Orange blouses are suited for most of the occasions and non-occasion alike; they provide just the right amount of pep to your outfit if paired with the right colors. We have taken style tips for orange color blouses from our style experts to amp up your OOTD quotient. 

Orange blouses for celebrations

Celebrations are incomplete without a riot of colors, the brighter, the better. This is where your dazzling orange blouse steps in, for there is no color as pleasing and beautiful as the right shade of orange. 

Orange color blouse with subtle embellishments make for a statement piece during weddings.Think, rust orange choli with a pink lehenga paired with an organza dupatta in pink with shimmer all over, your bridesmaid outfit is ready! Orange is also a preferred choice for bridal outfit in India, it is considered to be an auspicious color.

For small functions which don’t need an elaborate outfit, you can pair your silk orange blouse with woven jamdani buttis with an offwhite chikankari sari or a plain kanjeevaram in beige color. A plain crop orange blouse can add a pop of color when worn inside an embroidered blue jacket.

While some outfits can be put together easily, there are some combinations which need a bit of a research. Thankfully, google is here to rescue, you can start by searching for orange blouses online, a lot of indian celebrities these days post festive outfits on their social media handles and they are quite an inspiration. 

Orange blouses at work

It may come to you as a surprise, but an orange blouse can definitely be worn at work, even in a formal environment. Our style experts have shared their workplace wardrobe hacks to incorporate orange color blouse slyly into your office attire. 

Orange blouse can be paired with dark brown ankle-length fitted pants. The muted tone of brown acts as a counter to the brightness of orange making your outfit look well balanced. Alternatively, you can pair it with a fitted brown skirt instead of trousers. Always, go for a darker shade of grey, brown and khaki for jackets or bottoms when you are wearing an orange blouse. 

In a semi-formal or casual work environment, you can pair an orange blouse with denim of a darker shade. You can also experiment with different orange blouse designs to pair with your outfit—Accessorise with darker shades of stole or jacket to cut down on the brightness of the orange blouse. 

Orange blouses for brunch meet

Orange color blouse and brunch meet, the twain are a match made in heaven. For an informal brunch meet, casual and comfortable outfits are the best. Since the dress code does not ask much, a nice orange blouse design paired with a long cotton skirt is bound to give you a feel of a casual summer afternoon. 

A sleeveless orange blouse paired with an olive green cotton shrug and dark blue linen casual trousers balances out the outfit. Orange blouses give a much-needed pop of colour to an outfit and the gathering too. 

Experts say, since orange falls under the warm color category, it is associated with excitement and warmth which brings in the camaraderie naturally. A sleeveless white maxi dress can look energetic and joyful if you wear a sheer orange blouse along with it. The colour combinations are many, choose the one that works for you the best. 

Orange blouses for WFH

We understand that it’s been more than nine months that we’ve all gotten into the pyjamas and are loving it. The zoom meetings are endless, and the day just flows into another, making you feel like a hamster in a wheel. The need to dress up has just remained restricted to the top; the bottom still sits comfortably in the pyjamas. Here’s what our style guides have come up as the right remedy to make you feel alert and dressed up—an orange blouse!

An orange color blouse does wonders to enhance your mood, you’ve to wear it to believe it. Enliven the boring video calls with brightness and excitement without even talking much, for your orange blouse design will do it at half the effort. 

Since you’re working from home, may we suggest a little therapy? Open a new browser window and search for orange blouses online, scroll and shop to your heart and wallet’s content. The best thing is, for whatever your budget is, orange blouses price point will fit your pocket without making a dent. 

Orange blouses should not be paired with

There are myriad ways in which you can pair orange blouses for literally any occasion, though there are some pointers that you should keep in mind while pairing. Our style consultants have shared some tips which will help you know the dos and don’ts with an orange blouse.

Do not pair an orange blouse with orange trousers or skirt; it is a big no-no and an outfit killer. Pairing orange blouse with yellow, white, parrot green and light blue should be avoided if you are pear-shaped and hip heavy. 

Orange blouses come in different shades and designs, just like all your other blouses, find the shade that suits your skin tone the best. The right shade will go a long way to enhance your features and mood.

Buy Stylish Orange Blouses Online On Meesho

Orange blouses come in different shades and designs, just like all your other blouses, find the shade that suits your skin tone the best. The right shade will go a long way to enhance your features and mood.


How can I shop for Orange Blouses on Meesho?

Shopping for Orange Blouses on Meesho is very simple. All you have to do is browse our latest Orange Blouses collection on the website, add the products you like to your cart, fill out your details and choose from multiple payment methods available.

What are some advantages of buying Orange Blouses from Meesho?

You can browse from a wide range of options for Orange Blouses online on Meesho. We offer the lowest prices, free delivery, COD, and hassle-free returns on all of our orders.

How many product categories are there on Meesho?

Our range of 650+ product categories includes the latest clothing for men, women and kids, cosmetics, home and kitchen items, electronics and more.

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