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Orange Petticoats

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More About Orange Petticoats
Available in trendy designs, Orange Petticoats can make the perfect addition to your ethnic wear wardrobe this season. With our designer Orange Petticoats, you can show off your personal style at any event. Style your gorgeous Orange Petticoats with designer jewelry to add glamour to your look.

6 Types of Orange Petticoats and How to Wear Them 

A petticoat is an essential foundation garment that can make or break a saree look. A too tight, too loose, too bright, or too thin petticoat can make your saree look sloppy. But, fear not- we have a list of six orange petticoat styles and which sarees to pair them with to better prepare you. Read on.

  • A-Line Petticoats

An A-line petticoat is a standard style that starts off narrow at the top and gradually widens towards the ankle, giving it an "A" shape. If you are looking for comfort, an A-line petticoat is the way to go. This petticoat style is the perfect choice to wear under everyday sarees where movement is the prime concern.

  • Fish-Cut Petticoats

The mermaid cut orange petticoat is the perfect silhouette to choose when you are going for a body con saree. A fish cut petticoat accentuates the curves and is cut close to the waist and thighs. An excellent option for fancy, evening wear sarees, a fish cut petticoat is loose around the ankles to allow for easy movement.

  • Layered Petticoats

If you love the 50's and 60's Bollywood flared saree look, a layered petticoat is the way to go. Full-on retro, the layered petticoat, as the name suggests, fits tight till the knees and flares out right below for a striking look.

  • Satin Petticoats

Satin petticoats are soft as butter and help to give a formal evening saree a sleek look. Unlike cotton petticoats which can look stiff under formal sarees, a satin petticoat is body-conscious and is the correct choice to wear under fancy sarees.

  • Slimming Petticoat

A slimming orange petticoat does the same work as shapewear camouflaging bumps and lumps to give your body a sleeker look. Built with a compression design, a slimming petticoat holds the body in and adjusts seamlessly to the saree of your choice.

  • Crepe Petticoats

For flowing georgette or chiffon sarees, a crepe petticoat is a better option than cotton that is too structured. A crepe petticoat follows the line of a flowing chiffon or georgette saree and is a more natural choice than cotton or linen.

Stand out with Designer Orange Petticoats 

Petticoats are an important staple piece for any saree look. Get it wrong, and your saree outfit will look sloppy and might even unravel. Investing in stylish, unique petticoat styles is one way to ensure your sarees look out of the world. Buy orange petticoats onlineon Meesho to look your most put together. On Meesho, you can shop for orange petticoats online at prices you WILL NOT find anywhere else! Play around to find the one that fits your style the best. Happy browsing!


What is the starting price for Orange Petticoats?

The typical starting price for Orange Petticoats is Rs. 200. However, they come in a number of price ranges, depending on the quality of the fabric and the work. You can browse over 287 Orange Petticoats on Meesho.

What are some of the alternatives to Orange Petticoats?

Here are some of the most popular alternative options to Orange Petticoats: Petticoat, Women Ethnic Wear, Lycra Petticoats, Blue Petticoats, Black Petticoats,

How can I buy Orange Petticoats online?

You can browse over 287 options for Orange Petticoats online on Meesho. We offer free delivery, cash on delivery and hassle free returns on all of our orders.

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