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Close the Sale

Every seller craves for the moment when a prospect or customer decides to make the purchase. Very few customers will self close the deal, whereas the rest may need some push from you to make that purchase decision. In such circumstances, you must keep customers’ needs at your heart and prove them you are reliable. But, the whole ‘heading into a closing conversation with your prospect’ can be a bit nerve-wracking. Here you can find some effective tips that can minimize the time period of your sale cycle and will calm your nerves during that final-verdict moment.

How to seal the deal with your customers?

To quicken the sales process especially with those who postpone their decision to purchase, you must employ some psychological tricks like the following: 

  • Limited-time Offers: Create a ‘now or never’ situation with your prospects by offering deals they cannot resist. But then, you should always establish product value before offering a discount or promotion.
  • Summarise the Deal: Help your customers visualise what they're truly getting out of the products you have shared.
  • Be Genuine: Convey your customers that you care about their interests and not just the deal. 
  • Pitch the Idea, Not the Product: Sell the idea of how the product would benefit your customers rather than pushing the product on to them.
  • Resolve the Objections: If your prospect has some objections, validate them at the earliest. It is best you have an outline of anticipated problems so that you can reduce the resistance from customers.
  • Be Assumptive: If you sense your customer doesn’t like a certain aspect of the product, inform them about the alternatives, like different colours, sizes etc.
  • Be a ‘Trusted Advisor’: Gain your customers’ loyalty by helping them in all possible ways to make the right decision, even if it means you won’t be closing the deal. This will show your customers that you can be trusted and will give a strong reason for them to reach back to you.

Remember to use the closing experience you have gained from every sale to improve your business strategy. Don’t be anxious thinking that closing is the final step of the sales cycle. Closing a sale is actually a chance to begin a new kind of relationship with your prospect. Once you earn a sale, they become your customers; hopefully, loyal and repetitive ones. Happy reselling!