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Highlight the USPs

To become a successful reseller, it is important to attract customers by highlighting your USPs. Explaining your USPs to your customers ensures proper engagements.

Identify your USPs:

  • First, identify your USPs. If you specialise in selling any particular type of product, mention that as your USP. Your USPs may also include free shipping, cash-on-delivery, free return/refund, Exchange and good quality products. Make the best use of all the Meesho features.
  • Be positive and confident.
  • Present a professional front of the business.
  • Create a captive and personal channel for customers.
  • Turn Meesho sales and offers into your USPs.

Basically, try to create a unique existence of your brand that distinguishes you from your competitors.

How to Highlight your USPs?

  • Mention all your USPs on your Facebook page and Facebook group. Clearly mention all your policies. 
  • When a new customer joins your WhatsApp, share a welcome message and explain your USPs. 
  • On your Instagram Business page, explain your USPs to get better engagements. 

Social reselling is easier when you know what distinguishes you from others. Identify your USPs; use those to get more customers and orders. Happy reselling!