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Every Season is Festive

In India, we have an abundance of festivals in every season. A smart reseller will transform that into an opportunity to inundate customers with special offers and hefty discounts on everything. During this time you must pay close attention to the customer's behaviour in order to come up with different strategies; for example, promoting seasonal products that are used during that time of year. Here’s how you can attract as many customers as you can during the festive time.

Proven Tips to Attract Customers in all Seasons and Festivals:

  • Appeal to Emotion: You can lure your customers during the festival season and on special occasions by striking their sentimental chord. Utilize each and every festival to connect with your customers emotionally. This would work even better if you know your customers at a deeper level. For instance, on Rakhi, you can use phrases such as “show your sister how much you love her by buying her something she loves”. 
  • Limited Offer: This is a universal phrase used by business entrepreneurs to instil urgency in customers. You can highlight the offer while sharing your products and you will see the magic of pouring orders at your hands. 
  • Free Gift: People always expect a little more from their purchases, especially during the festive seasons. Offering free small gifts as the promotion for new products or slow-moving stocks will give your business the right push to sell those particular products. Another way to use this offer creatively is by making your loyal customers believe this offer is just for them.
  • Non-season Spontaneous Purchases: You can catch your customers off guard by introducing jaw-dropping deals at any time of the year. If deals such as ‘Buy1 and Get 1’ seem worthy and excellent enough to your customers then you got yourself some huge profits.
  • Free Shipping: This is another great selling bait, especially for people living in distant areas. You can add those shipping charges to your margin and then you can share items with ‘free shipping’ tag on it. This will attract a lot of customers into buying the product as it indicates the final price.
  • Pure Festival ‘Dhamaka’ Offers: As the name suggests, these offers can be introduced during a particular festival and the products must be relevant to the customer’s needs. For example, during Diwali celebrations in India, people usually purchase precious metals, utensils and apparel. Hence, you can use that opportunity to share some festive schemes on jewellery and apparel with your beloved customers.

If utilized wisely, season or non-season deals will fetch you good amounts of profit.  This seasonal marketing bridges the gap between the businesses and their customers. So, broaden up your promotion strategies and marketing agendas with open arms for your personal benefits. Happy reselling with Meesho!