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Discount or Gift

Offers, discounts and deals are great ways to ramp up your order intake, acquire new customers, and take advantage of seasonal opportunities. That doesn't necessarily mean that you sacrifice your margin. You just have to present your deals in a subtle manner to your customers to achieve your reselling goals. But bear this in mind that most customers are attracted to buying a product if they see more value in it. So let us dive into a few ways of creating a good discount and offering free gifts.

How to Offer an Attractive Discount?

There are several ways of presenting a discount. Be it a cash discount or percentage discount, you will have to learn a few techniques to get the best out of them.

  • Combine your discounted product with ‘Limited offer/stock’ phrase and you will see your customer’s desire to get their hands on the special item. This will stir a sense of urgency and hype in your customer.
  • Put up a flash sale on your reselling goods for the items you hardly got a response. This will often trigger your customer’s reaction to buying that product.
  • Give your loyal customers a little something to make them feel special. A gesture of an extra discount will go a long way with your loyal customers.
  • Offer a bundled discount, where your customers can buy two or more items of a similar category at a lower price. This will make them perceive that they are saving a great deal of money there.
  • Provide a discount or cashback for providing feedback on the products. This will help you to understand more about the product you are reselling and your customers on a better level. 

What Gifts can Attract your Customers?

People always like to get more for less. Value-added offers besides discounting your product’s price is another excellent way to skyrocket your order intake. You can offer your customers with a value-added item, e.g. free gift, in exchange for their purchase. Most of the value-added offers can be complementary items. For example, you can offer a good set of earrings or a dupatta as a free gift to your customer, when they purchase a kurta set. Or else, entice your customers with ‘buy one and get one free’ to which they will have a hard time saying no.

To be honest, there are no hard and fast rules for promoting your products. You just have to ensure your creativity and proposition are applied in order for them to be effective and stand out from the competition. While it is okay to give your customers irresistible offers, do not overdo it. If you start with a clear goal in mind, a firm understanding of the product you are sharing, and a willingness to experiment with discounts and gifts, then you can most effectively build customer loyalty and increase your reselling profits using Meesho app.