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How to create a video?

Hello Meesho entrepreneurs! Now that you know how to make the best use of catalog images, you can take a step ahead and start making exciting videos to attract more customers. Let’s hear from our expert reseller Sunehri Khurana how she uses videos as an advanced reselling tool.

Let’s quickly go through the basic points she discussed in this video. 

Why create videos: 

  • Creating videos is useful to build an interactive relationship with your customers.
  • It ensures trust.
  • For expectation setting, video can do wonders.
  • Choose trendy, high-selling products to create videos. This creates buzz and it is likely to get you a fair number of orders.

Know how to create videos:

  • Use Phone Selfie Camera: Your phone selfie camera is enough to create beautiful videos. You don't need professional cameras or a professional to shoot your videos.
  • Editing Apps: You need editing apps such as Kinemaster or Videomaker to edit your videos. These apps are very easy to use with their intuitive interface. Use these apps to add exciting background music or on-screen texts to make your videos more exciting.
  • Be Confident and Interactive: Sunehri suggests that you practice before starting to shoot. Note down the points to discuss beforehand. Look at the camera and talk in a very interactive tone. If you feel conscious, think you are talking to your friend and practice a number of times before shooting. 
  • Create YouTube Channel: You can share your video directly on apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. On Facebook Marketplace, you will need to enter a link of the video. So it’s better that you create a YouTube channel and upload your videos there first. Thus you create a library of your videos. It creates a professional look as well.

Videos are great to get you more orders. Let’s watch how our top reseller Lavi Srivastava uses videos to sell beauty products more effectively.

Explore these new ideas to sell more effectively. Using these tips will help you take your reselling business a step ahead. Go ahead and start making videos. Happy reselling!