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Why use Facebook for business?

Facebook is an effective online marketing tool to communicate with customers and to promote your online reselling business. It is necessary for every Meesho reseller to understand its potential benefits in terms of increasing sales and ultimately profiting the reselling business. 

Benefits of Facebook in Reselling:

  • Cost-effective: Facebook is an ideal platform to get your reselling business rolling at zero expense unless you want to start paying for your ads. Even in that case, Facebook ads are relatively inexpensive and are target-oriented.
  • Easy to use: Facebook offers numerous features that will help you sell more efficiently. You can create the videos, advertise your business and promote a sale or offer on the Facebook page. All the publishing tools are very easy to learn and you can get the best out of them for reselling your products online. 
  • Reach potential customers: Through Facebook, you will be able to not just connect but engage with your customers. You can share your item pictures and videos on Facebook, keeping your customers informed at all times. It will also offer two-way communication from where you can gather your audience interests.
  • Insights into your business: Facebook insights determine the success of your business as well as the effectiveness of your posts. Facebook Insights will let you know the page likes, people you reached through posts and pages, and engagement on the pages. You can even dig deep and analyse which of your posts are gathering more likes, and know the demographics of the people.
  • Expand your reach: Besides reaching only your potential customers, Facebook will also promote positive word-of-mouth to your reselling business. Also, Facebook shares, likes and comments of your posts by customers are likely to drive a lot of audiences to your page.
  • Build your community: Facebook groups are great places where you will find like-minded people or organisations with similar interests. The people in the groups are highly active and receptive compared to the people on other mediums. You can create a group on your own with your existing customer base or join a group formed around a similar industry. Either way, being involved in a group and posting regularly will take your profits to another level. 
  • Advertise your sale: You can create events on Facebook to promote your offers and discounts. Creating events can be a fun way to engage your audience and convert them into your customers.

Understanding how Facebook works will help you to use it effectively for reselling purpose. There are plenty of videos and articles on the Meesho app to assist you in making a profit using Facebook. Go through these videos and get the maximum out of Facebook reselling with Meesho.